water reuse

With Grundfos there’s already a way to make your overall production more sustainable

Take the lead on sustainability through water reuse

With expected population growth of 2 billion by 2050, and at least 14 of the world’s 20 megacities already facing issues surrounding access to safe drinking water and sanitation, our water resources are under great pressure. Furthermore, the ongoing challenge of water pollution and overconsumption increase the pressure, which leave the world in the midst of a water scarcity crisis.  Read more

rugged tablets

Enhance safety, communication and connectivity with rugged tablets

All food processing businesses need plant equipment that not only does the job but are reliable and designed to meet the environments in which they work. Thus, rugged tablets which are IP65 rated have become of essence in the world of food production as they save time, increase productivity, decrease disruptions and downtime, and improve asset utilisation all at once. Read more

Enabling Excellence in a Digitally Transformed Production Industry

Despite operating in an uncertain time, delivering programs with speed and excellence is expected. At Siemens, digital solutions have to be dynamic and sensitive to customers’ fluid and rising demands, not only to meet expectations, but to secure the highest return on investment.

Excellence is built on increasing process autonomy, digitally capable people, and agile, delivery-focused governance. Integrated solutions that allow for collaborating and fostering intimate interactions along a product life cycle is the only way to meet changing business and consumer demands.

Follow the link to learn from real-life examples of how the food and beverage industry has used software solutions to enable innovation, shorten production processes and increase speed-to-market.

Boag’s Brewery sheds Launceston about third of workforce as brands move interstate

The shedding of 39 jobs at Launceston's Boag's Brewery has come as a shock, the United Voice union says.

Parent company Lion said it was making the changes to improve efficiency in its brewing network.

The Boag's brands will still be fully brewed in Launceston but various national brands will move interstate.

According to Company spokeswoman Leela Gantman, the market had faced a challenging time and added brewing costs in Tasmania had also been a factor.

"We've done this off the back of some very challenging years in the beer market and the need to ensure our operations both nationally and in Tasmania are sustainable," Gantman said.

"Certainly the rate of decline of beer production has been sharper than originally anticipated, so this has put our entire brewery network under pressure."

United Voice secretary Jannette Armstrong said the decision came as a surprise and was "devastating".

"This is going to have a massive impact, particularly [in] Launceston which is already feeling the hurt of unemployment," she said.

"It is very difficult to find a job at the moment, especially in the Launceston area, so it will be a very, very distressing time for those workers and for their families.

"Last year they laid off a whole heap of casuals and they have been talking about the reduced beer market across Australia, but in terms of any indication they were going to be cutting more jobs [that] was an absolute shock and we're disappointed there wasn't more notice and greater consultation."

Gas Innovations changes landscape of carbon monoxide market

Texas-based Gas Innovations has unveiled eCOs, a new fuel cell technology that will allow the safe and efficient production of carbon monoxide directly at the site of facilities where the gas is needed.

Developed by Denmark-based Haldor Topsoe, the CO-generation device will use feedstock carbon dioxide and electrical power to produce CO in quantities ideal for most operations.

The development is significant to the medical, pharmaceutical, electronics and chemical industries, which require carbon monoxide in their processes.

The technology will also provide higher levels of purity, producing CO at 99.5 percent assay with minimal contaminants, with customization options that can produce gas with 99.999 percent purity.

Gas Innovations will have an eCOs unit in operation at its Texas facility in January 2016, allowing it to fill cylinders.

In the first quarter of 2016, the company will begin leasing out the eCOs modules, making it possible for larger-scale operations to produce their own CO, on-site, on an as-needed basis. Both solutions drastically reduce costs related to transportation, storage, rentals and connections.

Gas Innovations was founded in 2002 with the goal of providing industrial gas producers and distributors a dependable, independent wholesale supply partner.

Since its founding, the company has grown to become a leading supplier of high-purity hydrocarbons, propylene, propane, and specialty gases, along with a complete line of cutting, heating and Kobelco welding consumables. 

Premium Australia Foods promotes Aussie-made to China

Beginning on the 15th of August, Australian Made Campaign Retail Supporter, Premium Australia Foods (PAF), will begin a major ecommerce campaign promoting Australian-made products to the Chinese market online, via the high-profile Chinese platform SFHT.

This promotion will compliment PAF’s online presence on some of the most successful online retail websites in China – Tmall, Amazon.cn, JD and YHD.