Optimising ozone disinfection for water processes with Thermal Flow Meter

Flow Meter

FCI’s ST80 Air/Gas Flow Meter Series, which is available in either insertion or inline configurations, is well suited for air or gas line flow measurements in various water treatment plant applications.

The insertion style meter, for example, operates over a wide flow range of 0,07 to 305 NMPS. The ST80 Series is factory calibrated and can provide a flow turndown range of 2:1 to 100:1; surpassing the capabilities of other flow meter technologies in variable demand flow processes.

The ST80 Flow Meter Series features scalable dual 4-20mA outputs are standard. They are user assignable to flow rate or temperature. Outputs are user programmable to full flow range or subsets of full flow range. They are also isolated and have fault indication per NAMUR NE43 guidelines, and they user selectable for high (>21.0 mA) or low (<3.6 mA).  Standard digital outputs available include: HART (v7 compliant), Modbus RS-485 and USB Serial I/O. Optional: digital outputs that can added are Foundation Fieldbus H1, PROFIBUS-PA, or PROFIBUS-DP. 

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