Precision compressed air thermal flow meter improves processes, reduces maintenance, and cuts costs

flow meter

The compact FS10i Flow Meter Series is a dependable, economical and easy to install solution to measure the flow rate of compressed air, air and natural gas.  They are accurate to ± 1.5 per cent of reading, ±0.5 per cent of full scale, with repeatability of ± 0.5 per cent of reading and have a response time of 4 seconds (1 time constant).

Their go anywhere small size, plug-in wiring and inline or insertion style threaded connection into plant piping ensures quick and effective installation.

In addition, they are SIL-2 rated for safety instrumented system (SIS) critical processes.

Providing precision direct mass flow measurement, the FS10i Flow Meters require no additional pressure or temperature sensors or other components to infer flow measurement. Their sealed and no-moving parts sensor does not foul or clog and requires no routine maintenance that ensures years of trouble-free, continuous operation.

The FS10i Flow Meters provide a fluid-matched, calibrated and linearised 4-20mA output of flow rate, and a user programmable high or low flow alarm/trip point with a 1A SPDT relay output. For visual indication, the FS10i Flow Meters include a 10-segment LED array.

The FS10i Flow Meters are available in both in-line and insertion style configurations to support installation in line sizes from DN25 to DN500. They operate over a wide, 100:1 turndown from 1,6 to 122 NCMH depending on the fluid media and line size.


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