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BODYSCIENCE launches a healthy dessert range


An Australian sports nutrition company, BODYSCIENCE, has officially merged its science with a menu item that health fanatics typically avoid – dessert.  

The Australian made brand has launched its Low Carb Mousse Protein Dessert, created to provide that protein hit for athletes of all shapes and sizes within a delicious, yet healthy dessert. 

The BODYSCIENCE Low Carb Mousse Dessert can be found in five flavours – Chocoholic, Cookies & Cream, White Chocolate Hokey Pokey, Caramel Hokey Pokey and Cookie Butter and has been formulated to be easy to prepare. Simply mix with cold water, then devour it as is, or let the creative juices flow and construct a new favourite sweet treat.  

One serving of the nutrient-laden mousse contains less than 150 calories and between 22.8g and 23.5g of protein, depending on flavour, as well as being packed with Casein Protein, MCT Oil, Fibre, and naturally occurring Glutamine, L-leucine and BCAAs.   

“We know that the average Aussie is very health conscious nowadays. Since the pandemic, people’s priorities have really shifted and it’s great to see so many people putting their health and fitness first, despite time constraints,” BODYSCIENCE founder and director Greg Young said. 

“Our mousse has been made to fit into lifestyles, not alter them. If you’re on a health journey but want to avoid jumping on the unrealistic fad diet bandwagon and not deprive yourself of sweet treats, then our mousses really are the perfect solution for you.” 

For the past 23 years, BODYSCIENCE has led the way in performance-based sports products, building a reputation as a trusted, and science-led provider and one of the few retailers who produce safe, and substance-tested nutrition for athletes. 

“We’re very confident in the quality of the mousse range and fully expect it to be seen as a revolutionary product as more and more people fall in love with it,” Young said. 

“We have always been the number one choice in the sporting world, but we want weekend warriors to know we back them too with our products – we’re not just for professional athletes.” 

BODYSCIENCE has released an official Mousse recipe book to inspire the many ways the dessert can be enjoyed. The BODYSCIENCE Low Carb Mousse Protein Dessert can be found in Woolworths and Chemist Warehouse as well as being available to purchase online. 

For more information, head to www.bodyscience.com.au. 


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