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Dubliner Irish Whiskey launches its newest chilli-flavoured liqueur in Australia

The Dubliner Liberties Distillery (DLD) launched its brand-new sweet and spicy product down under – Dubliner Fiery Irish, which is set to excite, ignite and stir tongues from Dublin to Darwin.

Making its debut on Australian soil, the team at award-winning distillery, the Dubliner Liberties Distillery (DLD), have launched their brand-new product down under – Dubliner Fiery Irish.

Distilled right in the heart of Dublin, Fiery Irish is a new cinnamon and chilli flavoured whiskey liqueur that is set to spice up your drinks cart.

Imagine this. Fresh cinnamon rolls coming hot from the oven, their scent filling the air mixed in with a honeyed sweetness, toffee and a little caramel. Well, that’s exactly what Fiery Irish is all about. The perfect blend of sweet and spice, Dubliner’s Fiery Irish finishes with a big wave of cinnamon spice and a prickle of chilli – both fiery and deeply satisfying.

“Dubliner Fiery Irish is a spicy new cinnamon and chilli flavoured whiskey option for Australians seeking a beverage that is bold, accessible and downright delicious,” said Nicole Moore, marketing manager for GAP Drinks, the distributors of Dubliner Whiskey in Australia.

“With a lower ABV and unique combination of sweet and spicy flavours, it allows us to broaden the appeal to consumers who may be new to Irish whiskey, or for those just simply looking for an approachable new whiskey option.

“What sets it apart from other cinnamon-flavoured whiskies or liqueurs on the market, however, is that final warming finish of chilli on the senses which leaves you with a satisfying finish.”

‘Fiery Irish’ pays homage to its namesake – describing the passionate and bold personality sometimes playfully associated with the Irish.

“We love the name Fiery Irish as it is a playful nod to our home right in the heart of Dublin, and allows consumers to understand our key point of difference, our spice and fiery flavour,” Moore added.

“And there’s no doubt that Aussies are growing in their love for these types of products, with imported spirits and liqueurs expected to account for 30 per cent of domestic demand in Australia in 2022.

“As Aussies continue to experiment with home bartending and new flavours, we are excited to bring this innovation to Australian shores.”   

Fiery Irish is the third varietal to join the Dubliner family, alongside the award-winning Dubliner Bourbon Cask Aged Irish Whiskey and the Dubliner Whiskey & Honeycomb Liqueur. Dubliner Fiery Irish is best served as a shot neat, as an after dinner drink, or together with a simple mixer such as apple cider or sparkling apple juice.


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