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Freshmax launches RICO – the new pear on the block


Freshmax Group, an Australian fresh produce marketing and distribution operator, showcases RICO pears. Slightly irreverent, superior in quality and full of personality, RICO is out to redefine how Australians perceive pears.  

The ANP 0131 variety to which RICO lends its name was developed by the Victorian government’s Horticulture Centre of Excellence at Tatura. Freshmax will market the pear in Australia, along with Seeka Australia and Apple & Pear Australia Limited (APAL). 

Set to challenge the perception that pears are only found in your grandma’s fruit bowl, RICO is ready to eat as soon as you buy it and features a juicy flavour with a delectable crunch.

A cross between Corella and Doyenné du Comice, RICO has a beautiful texture with a refreshing taste. Its deep green colour and attractive blush make way for a super sweet flesh that can be eaten firm or left to ripen and soften for a soft, buttery texture- enticing a whole new market of pear lovers.  

RICO is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before,” Freshmax Group national marketing manager Sona Padman said.

“Our research has shown us that fruit lovers haven’t been excited about pears over the last few years, often falling short of its popular cousin the apple. RICO’s distinctive taste and texture aims to reinvigorate Aussies’ love affair with pears and get younger generations buying, eating and cooking with the fruit again.” 

Grown and harvested in Victoria’s Goulburn Valley, RICO pears are more versatile than their traditional predecessors. Their firmer flesh means they travel well and are perfect eaten whole as a healthy fast food snack on the go. They are also delicious cooked in both savoury and sweet dishes such as a roast or cake. 

“RICO branded pears offer consumers a genuinely great eating experience, delivered in an attractive blush pear. At APAL we are excited to be a part of bringing these great pears to Australian consumers,” APAL head of Group Quality and Commercialisation Andrew Mandemaker said.

“This is the second season that RICO pears are available in a major retailer after a successful launch last year.”

RICO pears are available in selected leading retailers and local fruit grocers in NSW, Victoria and Queensland from mid-July until the end of October, or until stocks lasts.  

 For further information, visit https://www.freshmax.group/ 


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