Tasmanian made and grown products promoted at Coles


Coles has embarked on a landmark partnership with the Tasmanian government to use the official Brand Tasmania trademark to promote locally made products at Coles supermarkets, state-wide. 

The partnership marks the first time a major retailer has adopted the Tasmanian mark for the promotion of locally made and grown products. Under the terms of the partnership, the Tasmanian mark will be displayed within stores to alert shoppers to hundreds of quality local products on the shelves at Coles. 

“Tasmanians understand why Tasmanian-grown and produced food is different, and it’s about so much more than our clean air and fresh water. It’s our culture of hard work and our shared passion for quality,” Brand Tasmania chairperson Nick Haddow said. 

“Every Tasmanian product tells a story of determination, creativity and imagination, whether it’s from one of our small artisan producers or more established businesses. We encourage everyone to get to know the farmers, the entrepreneurs and the families behind every sip and every bite.” 

Tasmanian growers, producers, makers and creators are also being encouraged to adopt the Tasmanian mark on their own packaging to help raise the profile of their products, both in Australia and overseas. 

Coles’ Tasmanian-sourced GRAZE lamb, available across the country between February and August, will be one of hundreds of products highlighted in-store through this campaign. 

Coles works with almost 60 farms across Tasmania to source GRAZE lamb. The lambs are 100 per cent bred and raised in Tasmania, without antibiotics, and regularly inspected for health and welfare. 

Local suppliers joining the campaign include Ashgrove Cheese, a family-owned dairy farm in Elizabeth Town which creates a selection of milk, butter and cheeses sold at Coles. 

Tasmania’s oldest commercial bakery, Cripps, is also embracing the campaign. Cripps first opened its doors in 1878 and now supplies fresh bread, crumpets, rolls, buns and muffins to customers across the state from its bakeries in Hobart and Launceston. 

Buying local products is an important way to support Tasmanians who work tirelessly to build their businesses while helping feed the nation, Coles regional manager John Carrington said. 

“Coles is proud to support Tasmanian farmers, growers, makers and creators by stocking hundreds of Tassie-made products in our stores,” Carrington said. 

“The partnership with Brand Tasmania in support of the Tasmanian mark is a great way to recognise the success stories of so many Tasmanian businesses. We know Tasmanians love to shop local, and the Tasmanian mark at Coles is one way to help them do just that.” 

It is a clear sign of confidence in Tasmania’s brand and premium products that are highly sought after throughout the world, Tasmanian premier Peter Gutwein said. 

“It’s fantastic that Coles is joining the Tasmanian Brand partner family and making it even easier for Tasmanians to buy local and support our farmers and primary producers,” he said. 

“When you buy Tasmanian produce, you know you’re buying the best of the best, all underpinned by our environmental sustainability, quality control and strict biosecurity. 

“I encourage everyone to look for the Tasmanian mark in Coles supermarkets across the state and get behind our local producers that add so much to our economy and our way of life.” 

Shoppers can expect to see the Tasmanian mark in Coles supermarkets across the state from today. 

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