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Jimmy Brings expands range of no and low for Dry July

Jimmy Brings

Australia’s fastest and largest on-demand alcohol service, Jimmy Brings aims to make moderation more accessible with the expansion of their no and low alcohol range now available to order via the app.

Within Jimmy Brings’ available no and low offering, there is an emphasis on product that doesn’t compromise on taste, being able to serve Aussies a beverage reminiscent of the “real thing.” With a plethora of beer and wine available, Jimmy also nabbed the latest zero alc serve to recently drop from the young guns behind Better Beer.

Other new additions to the range, on special throughout July include, Heaps Normal Quiet XPA, Great Northern Zero, and Freixenet Sparkling Rosé.

“Non alc sales in the total liquor and retail market have grown over 66 per cent in the last year,” Jimmy Brings category manager Jody Liddle said.

“A staggering 75 per cent of this total growth is from non-alcoholic beer alone, which is driven by established and trusted beer brands releasing non-alcoholic versions of their bestsellers. However, in saying that, we are seeing an increase in innovation across all categories in the past twelve months, with growth well above their respective categories.”

Consumer interest in the no and low category continues to accelerate, not just on the traditional basis of appealing to those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, aligned with certain religions, but because of the ballooning social interest to approach life through a very considered lens of wellness; learning to embrace what makes you feel better, not blurrier, in life.

“At Jimmy Brings we understand that not everyone wants to drink alcohol on every occasion,” Liddle said. “Whether someone is looking to reduce consumption for health reasons, they’re the designated driver to a party, or they’re just looking to cut back, our no and low alcohol products cater to individual needs.”

Download the Jimmy Brings app via the Apple App Store or Google Play, to browse and buy the evolving no and low range.


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