Heat and Control appoints new sales executive for NSW packaging

With packaging technologies evolving for an everchanging world, new Heat and Control NSW sales executive Rhoardi Borbajo wants to be at the forefront for adaptive and fast-paced packaging equipment solutions.

With a background in pneumatics, Mr Borbajo has worked with major clients in dairy, beverage and pet food applications. In his new role with Heat and Control, Mr Borbajo said his focus is to ensure packaging is smart and sustainable for food and beverage manufacturers while guaranteeing safety and freshness.

“In NSW, we can see growth in the number of small to medium sized businesses looking to take the next step in automation, or looking to retail packaging where they will now need to implement quality control inspection systems,” Borbajo said.

“This can be with checkweighers, metal detectors and X-ray and includes automating production lines. The advantage of Heat and Control is that we can offer nearly everything, including project management.

“It means we can take the worry out of trying to coordinate and integrate several different suppliers.”

Heat and Control have manufactured food processing and packaging equipment for over sixty-five years.  Supplying systems for snackfood, French fries, vegetables, meat, poultry, industrial and commercial products, product handling and packaging systems, Heat and Control’s ‘total systems approach’ offers customised solutions to reach each customer’s distinctive goals.


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