Heat and Control, and Ishida, open their doors to industry people

With a combined 200 years of experience in the snacks industry, Heat and Control, and Ishida open their doors to industry people.

The companies demonstrated their complete solutions in a snacks food production Open House event at the Ishida factory facility in Birmingham, UK.

About 100 snack food producers visited the demonstration centre during a three-week period in June, 2018.

The event provided snack food producers the opportunity to see the equipment in action and to participate in a series of information and training sessions.

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Packaging & Inspection Systems business manager Robert Marguccio, said the event was a great way for customers to interact with snack food experts from both Heat and Control and Ishida.

“Given the automation benefits of Industry 4.0, engaging with a single source supplier like [Heat and Control] Snack Solutions can add value through increased connectivity levels and digital data exchange, along all stages of the processing and packaging production lines,” said Marguccio.

Working with one supplier was a far easier and cost effective process, as customers only needed to speak to one team, he said.

Snack food producers were able to see demonstrations of product moving through key sections of the processing and packaging lines.

One example was potato chips moving from a switchback conveyor into an incline conveyor, which can move product vertically to where it’s needed, while reducing drop damage.

After reaching the top of the incline conveyor, the potato chips are transported down the line through Heat and Control’s fastback revolution proportional gate.

The gate eliminates product breakage during gate closure and provides an accurate feed of product to weigher via the fastback Left Right Center (LRC).

The LRC is a double multihead weigher feed solution designed to provide a precise and consistent product stream to Ishida’s patented back-to-back 218 twin weigher.

The product then moves from the weighers into twin or single snack food bagmakers.

For quality control, Ishida checkweighers will verify correct product weight or count, eliminate underweights, and protect profits by eliminating costly product overweight giveaway.

The snack product is then packed using the ACP-700 case packer, which can be integrated into any snacks production line.

Automation of the line is controlled using Heat and Control, and Ishida’s data solutions technology, which enables operators to fully oversee the production line and provide real time feedback to the operator.

The companies came together to form a strategic alliance that provides snack customers with full end-to-end processing and packaging solutions.

In Australia, New Zealand and the USA, Heat and Control is the exclusive distributor of Ishida packaging and inspection technology.

In India, Heat and Control is the exclusive distributor for snack food packaging.


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