Christmas is coming and so is food waste

Food waste fighting social enterprise Good & Fugly wants to help organisations of all sizes change habits for good while spreading good cheer this Christmas, a season when overall waste increases by around 30 per cent. In fact, 90 per cent of Australians discard over 25 per cent of their food during the festive period.

So this year, forward-thinking businesses that want to do something different when it comes to gifting for Christmas are turning to Good & Fugly.

Good & Fugly is offering its Sustainable Santa box filled with curated imperfect but fresh and delicious fruit and veg delivered to the door that helps save the planet and feeds in-need families through OzHarvest.

Each box comes with a cooking demo designed to make the most out of fruit and veg and loaded with tips and tricks to reduce food waste in the kitchen.

“By ordering Good & Fugly fruit and veg boxes for your staff, or even clients, this Christmas, you are rescuing perfectly good produce that is slightly misshapen or in oversupply and sending it directly to your employee’s homes,” said Good & Fugly founder Rich Tourino.

“We also want to help businesses give their employees a gift that lasts, which is why we’ve teamed up with top nutritionist Cailie Ford to bring your employees on an engaging journey to healthier, more delicious, eating habits and timely tips for cutting waste in their kitchens this Christmas,” he added.

“We’re already surprised by the demand for a different approach to gifting.”

Ford, a clinical nutritionist, experienced corporate change-maker and presenter, will be delivering a series of cooking demonstrations to teach team members how to cook seasonally, use produce in its entirety, and other strategies that will help employees develop healthier eating habits while also meaningfully fighting food waste.

“We are living through the great resignation, and more and more corporates are coming to understand that work now goes far beyond a paycheck. People are demanding to be part of organisations that have a noble purpose and create work with meaning in their lives. I’m really excited to help people unlock the potential of fresh food and making the most of their pantries,” said Ford.

Organisations based in Sydney can have boxes delivered directly to their employees while those with employees located further afield will be given ingredient lists to take part in Cailie’s cooking classes.


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