AUSPACK announces rebranding to APPEX


Day Two of the 2022 AUSPACK expo in Melbourne saw large crowds continue to roll through the doors, while Food & Beverage Industry News spoke with some manufacturers and producers that we’ve built a strong relationship with over the years.

As the first AUSPACK event since 2019 many exhibitors have been eager to showcase their products and new innovations including Heat & Control, which has once again partnered with Key Technology to provide updated and high-quality optical sorting for the Australian market.  

Mark Holden, from Heat & Control, and Joseph Boster from Key Technology, spoke about the value created from the two companies coming back together. The optical sorting systems are used for quality control and creates higher rates which in turn leads to a higher capacity of output.  

The technology has proven to sort products with an almost 99 per cent accuracy rate which is a huge advantage to producers, especially those with product lines that require thousands upon thousands of products to be assessed for quality before being continued along the production line.  

Diversifying products, for example potato, has also become much easier with the new partnership between the two companies. When once a slice of potato might have been lost due to a discolouration, now the detailed system can help to save more of the quality product instead of creating any more food waste, and by turn losses to the manufacturer.  

Both companies are excited to be partnered again, with Boster being flown in from the United States to get boots on the ground and help relaunch the partnership to the industry at the same time the industry is almost recalibrating in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

We also sat down with representatives from Select Equip, which is showcasing its core market of tray sealing and demonstrating its system which is the only of its kind in tray sealing which is reducing plastic. In some cases, by as much as 80 per cent and with the same shelf life.  

Select Equip also launched a new product, the GKS, which is a Dutch company made piece which creates better seals. Part of the company’s strategy is to have a strong presence at AUSPACK in order to feel out the market in the post pandemic world.  

That sentiment rings true among the exhibitors who have been waiting years to finally hit the show room floor again.  

Day Two of AUSPACK also saw the start of the Leader’s Forum series covering a wide range of topics including trends businesses need to know going into this year and beyond, and how Industry 4.0 will impact the industry moving forward.

A number of panel discussions also gave key industry stakeholders a chance to talk in an open forum about 4.0 and 5.0 and how the future of technology will impact the food and beverage industry.  

Finally, Aerofloat is possibly the only, or one of two, wastewater treatment companies present at AUSPACK and as a result have had excellent engagement from visitors and exhibitors alike.  

Aerofloat is also up for a sustainability award at the APPMA Awards, which is set to follow the end of Day Two at AUSPACK. 

The APPMA made a major announcement during the gala dinner which has seen the organisation rebrand as APPEX.  

APPEX is an all of industry event which is deigned to represent all sectors of the industry including processing, packaging, and ancillary equipment as well as industry services.  

The expo has also moved from every two years to every three years with the first APPEX branded event set to be held in Melbourne from March 12 to 15 in 2024.  

APPMA chairman Mark Dingley said the expo will continue to provide a comprehensive range of equipment and services all under one roof, with a renewed focus on the Australasian market.  

“We are excited about what APPEX can bring to the industry in Australia and hope you will join us in 2024 in Melbourne,” he said.  

Several of the companies Food & Beverage Industry News works with have been nominated for awards and it will be an exciting night to see those within the industry awarded for the great work being done, especially in the wake of the cancellation of the event in 2021.   

Stay tuned for our Day Three wrap up, which will include some of the big winners from the awards night.


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