Alexandra Cooper


New battery technology offers safe hydrogen storage for industrial applications

A key focus for industrial sectors is the shift towards green energy and meeting net-zero goals. Global energy storage demands are reaching urgent capacity limits, capping the potential for renewable energy solutions. In response to this, LAVO – a climate technology company based in Sydney – has developed an integrated, scalable battery system that employs a metal hydride for the storage of hydrogen-based energy. Read more

Flow Switch

Fast response FLT93F Flow Switch

Plant engineers and maintenance staff responsible for ensuring the reliable operation of positive air flow pressure and exhaust ventilation systems for clean rooms, labs, analyser houses or production areas will find the FLT93F Flow Switch from Fluid Components International (FCI) provides them a highly sensitive and reliable solution to monitor and alarm if their system is degrading, not operating to specifications, or has shut-down.   Read more


HMPS produces an industry first

Proudly Australian machine builders, HMPS Group (HMPS), began in 1980 and have since evolved into specialists in the design and manufacture of automated processing and packaging solutions. Over the years, the company has solved complex packaging challenges and their most recent success story was no exception. Read more