Du Cane Brewing Co brews long-term economic strength

Du Cane Brewing Co

Du Cane Brewing Co, a brewery based in Tasmania, has received $400,000 in funding under round two of the state government’s Building Projects Support Program, to support their $2.8 million brewing vision. 

Once complete, Du Cane Brewing Co will have a purpose-built brewery and dining hall to support the expansion of the Du Cane Beer range. It will also provide additional event space for festivals such as MONA FOMA and the Junction Arts Festival. 

The project will also provide a communal space for visitors to Tasmania, with a strong focus on Tasmania’s world-renowned bush walking and outdoor experiences. 

Without the support of the Building Projects Support Program, the Du Cane Brewing Co project would have remained in the planning stages for much longer. 

With COVID-19 creating an uncertain operating environment for many businesses in the food and beverage industry, over $160 million in assistance has been accessed from the Tasmanian government since the onset of the pandemic. 

The Building Projects Support Program has invested $25 million into 32 local community and commercial projects around Tasmania, bringing forward plans to build, develop and expand. These projects will inject $238 million into the local economy, with the second round of funding alone expected to create 520 additional ongoing jobs for Tasmanians. 

The Du Cane Brewing Co project is one of many that will help Tasmania’s economy continue to grow by stimulating spending, bringing new and returning visitors to the state and sustaining local jobs. 

Each of the projects supported will provide an immediate economic and jobs boost to local communities through increased building and construction activity and promise a long-term economic return to Tasmania. 

By working closely with the commercial, community, tourism and hospitality and health care sectors, the Tasmanian government is confident the investment will continue to provide long-term benefits across the state. 

For a full list of projects supported under this program, visit 


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