Salmon 23 Forum to focus on Tasmania’s sustainable salmon industry

Salmon 23 Forum

The Salmon 23 Forum, an international symposium discussing innovation in global aquaculture, will headline this year’s community conversation regarding the future of Tasmania’s sustainable salmon industry in early May, in Hobart. 

The Salmon 23 Forum will examine international best practice, research and developments in offshore and associated land-based marine farming systems, and related social, economic and environmental issues.  

Leading the symposium, the Blue Economy CRC will engage with the Tasmanian community, industry and international audiences to identify sustainable growth options for the salmon industry. It will also aid in the development of a new 10-year Salmon Future Directions Plan. 

The Salmon Future Directions Plan will include multiple phases of consultation – starting with targeted consultation, leading into a public call for submissions and regional public meetings during June and October. Simultaneously, the Tasmanian government will soon commence public consultation on proposed new Environment, Biosecurity and Marine Farming mandatory standards. 

The government has made significant progress on the future vision for Tasmanian aquaculture, with legislation currently before the Tasmanian parliament to allow research projects in deeper Commonwealth Waters. 

The government has also funded a project by the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) to undertake a state-wide Finfish Aquaculture Spatial Planning Exercise. 

The report improves the understanding of potential activities in the marine environment by combining biophysical data with information on commercial fisheries, coastal access, recreational boating, navigation, marine infrastructure and areas of conservation and/or high ecological value. 

More information on the development of the Plan, and the report of the Finfish Aquaculture Spatial Planning Exercise, can be found at 


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