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Battery Point Distillery releases their first whisky in Tasmania

Battery Point Distillery

Tasmania’s boutique Battery Point Distillery is launching its first whisky, the Battery Point Whisky. 

For head distiller Jack Lark, whisky distilling runs in the blood, but it’s the Battery Point Distillery teams’ patience, creativity and vision that he believes sets them apart. 

“We’re a small team and so we’re not rushing to get things out. Everything is by-hand, and we refuse to cut corners – we will only release the best quality barrels and the best quality spirits,” Lark said. 

Achieving this, however, has not been left to chance. 

“With whisky you aren’t reinventing the wheel – it’s still all made with the same three ingredients, but we really took our time over selecting the best of those ingredients,” he said. 

Made using a specifically selected premium Tasmanian malt mash, a unique combination of yeast cultures and the purest 100 per cent Tasmanian water, Battery Point whisky is combining traditional Scottish double-distillation methods with small cask and barrel finishing. 

This first release brings together port, sherry and bourbon small cask whiskies in a unique blend. It is then aged in an apple brandy barrel before being finished in a muscatel. It’s this creativity with flavour and barrel influence that sets Battery Point Distillery apart. Delivering a bold, full-bodied and rich drop, this whisky promises layers of complexity without being overly demanding or complicated. 

As is intended with all future Battery Point offerings, this is a limited release of 200 bottles. Future small volume releases will be available when they are at their peak and ready. 

“We aren’t in a hurry and want to bottle the best quality we can,” Lark said.  

The bottled look was designed to reflect the bold sophistication of the product. The packaging inspired by the detailing of the barrels that characterise the whisky, offers a confident and contemporary take on the traditional category, much like the whisky itself.    

The Battery Point Whisky retails for $325 per 500ml bottle and will be available via wholesale or direct-to-consumer. 

Visit for more information. 


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