Schneider Electric and Foss and Nutrition Innovation collaborate to produce low GI sugar cane

Cutting edge industrial technology and software has been harnessed to disrupt global food and beverage manufacturing with Nucane, a healthier and cost effective sugar substitute.

Schneider Electric is collaborating with global food science company, Foss and Nutrition Innovation, to produce a low glycaemic index (GI) sugar.

Foss and Nutrition has developed a breakthrough process to produce the healthier sugar, which is called Nucane.

With this agreement, Schneider Electric, and Foss and Nutrition Innovation will collaborate to deliver this cost effective sugar production solution to sugar facilities around the globe starting in Australia.

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Nucane benefits consumers and health care systems, by its potential to be a major plank in the fight against obesity, which is a major cause of chronic diseases.

Currently, a lot of mills produce sugar within a broad specification.

The unique production process involves real-time production monitoring in order to produce Nucane sugar within a very closely defined specification. Nucane is naturally high in anti-oxidants, low in GI and a dry product so it will flow in food manufacturing processes like white refined sugar.

The digitisation of the operations combined with software to analyse production data in real time, enables a new-found production accuracy. Other positive outcomes include less use of power and water-saving costs and reducing waste.

It is a globally attractive product with unique advantages over other low GI products.

Because it is still 100 per cent sugar, but enhanced by a sophisticated milling process, Nucane retains its sugar taste and that important binding ability when used in cooking.

These factors are important for replacing sugar in food or beverages.

The Nucane production process can be applied to most sugar mills worldwide which is a significant advantage for global companies and brands in the food and beverages industry.

It’s now being trialled in food products with more than 40 customers world-wide.


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