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Manufacturers are supporting their businesses and staff via innovation

The last year has seen the industry faced with staff shortages and production challenges and manufacturers need to consider appropriate solutions to manage production.

COVID is impacting society in a totally different way in 2022 to the previous two years.  The impact to manufacturers and their staff has been significant causing production line interruptions, stress, and anxiety across all levels, including consumers who have seen supermarket shelves empty.

Employers have had to navigate impromptu staff absences due to positive COVID tests or ‘close contact’ situations.  This makes rostering very challenging and often falls on their fellow staff to work overtime, double shifts or second people from other areas to try to cover vacant positions.

This situation is going to continue and possibly amplify during the colder months and is looking to become a major issue for CEOs, Managing Directors and Operations Managers for the foreseeable future.

Syntegon and their Australian & New Zealand partner, Nupac Industries, are working with companies to safeguard production and protect staff with automation solutions tailored to manufacturers’ specific needs.

These manufactures are the industry’s ‘Employers of Choice’ which is why they are considering methods to better support their staff and alleviate the ongoing pressure and stress faced by employees in this complex environment.

Coupled with the challenges of recruitment, border closures and travel restrictions, the implementation of compatible automation solutions will ensure operational continuity and minimise downtime.

“We are in a unique situation where automation can be utilised, not as a threat to workers, but as a benefit to both manufacturers and employees, ensuring production continues in a way which is safer and less stressful for employees, benefiting the industry, its workers, the end customers and society in general” said Peter Pontikis, managing director at Nupac Industries.

As the leading solutions providers in a wide range of industries and significant expertise in food and confectionery, Nupac and Syntegon have been providing machinery to improve production and packaging processes for more than 35 years in Australia and New Zealand.

With its customer-centric approach, Nupac has always looked to find the right solution for customer’s needs.

With additional factors now in play and COVID here to stay, the importance of finding the right machinery and automation solutions is key.

“In a time where manufacturers are having to adapt to daily labour shortages and workers are battling with extended hours, the utilisation of the right automation is something every business should be considering,” said Pontikis.

“If actioned correctly, the benefits to production consistency and the opportunity to ensure staff are not overworked, will allow the manufacturing sector to not only stabilise and increase their production, but also ensure the workforce is kept safe and happy and effective in their jobs.”

Automation has always been a tool to increase capacity, output and reduce costs. This still of course remains a key factor, with Nupac working closely with manufacturers of all sizes to decrease downtime and increase their output, speed and OEE, as well as ensuring production remains operational when staff absences arise.

By decreasing the pressure on staff and creating safe, socially distant working environments with increased output and efficiencies, upgrading, and implementing automated solutions should be an easy decision for manufacturers.

With a focus on the future, Nupac believe now is the time to act.

““Although this is a stressful time for manufactures who are dealing with a range of ongoing issues, it is the right time to plan for the future,” said Pontikis.

“We foresee ongoing challenges in the industry and although there is never a perfect time to start the process, we encourage manufacturers to look to the future and start future-proofing their business now”.

There are various versions of automation solutions available via Nupac and Syntegon to suit manufacturers of all sizes.

As the market leader, Nupac has worked with organisations such as Arnott’s, Mars, Cadbury, McCains, and Nestlé as well as many small/medium businesses looking to upgrade and improve their packaging and processing machinery.

Future-proofing your business

It is important that manufacturers look at implementing the correct machinery as not all automation will provide benefit to manufacturing processes and support staff. Implementation of the wrong automation may in fact hinder overall packaging and processing performance.

In order to ensure that automation will be efficient and effective, manufacturers should speak to experts in the field. This is where Nupac, with support of market leaders Syntegon, provides insight and knowledge to their customers tailored to their specific requirements and desired outcome.

Nupac’s ‘solutions-based’ and ‘customer focused’ approach, has established them as the trusted and well-respected machinery and equipment suppliers to the manufacturing industry.  The ongoing local support, sales and spare parts teams are what makes Nupac the obvious partner of choice for the industry.

As Australian and New Zealand partners of Syntegon, Nupac works hand in hand with the global leaders in packaging technology to offer the best solutions the market has to offer.

With reliable, high quality and flexible machinery, Syntegon have been paving the way internationally with innovation, sustainability, and future proof solutions, driven by technological focused backbone. Previously Bosch Packaging Technology, Syntegon has over 50 years’ experience in packaging and processing across the food & beverage industry, with trusted machines in businesses all over the world.

With COVID here to stay, ensure your manufacturing operations are future proofed and you are ready to minimise disruptions and downtime. Contact Nupac Industries to discuss what automation solutions could be utilised to benefit your output, efficiency, and safety.

Automation at all levels

There are many automation levels which can be implemented and expanded within a manufacturing operation; from stand-alone options to complete turn-key systems.

Depending on the size, goals, and operations of manufacturers there are certain options that will be much more suitable than others will.

With staffing pressures across all manufacturing, it is an important time to consider the most suitable options for your processes.

At the basic level, smaller, stand-alone solutions, which allow for the automation of single processes, can be beneficial for operations which do not require high speed outcomes. Such solutions may include intermittent motion baggers, standardised stand-alone flow wrappers and robotic palletisers.

These can replace previously monotonous, manual operations in smaller manufacturing facilities, which in turn can speed up and safeguard the production process, while also reducing staff proximity.

For smaller manufacturers, this automated packaging helps with labour intensive steps, allowing these to operate without worker intervention, protecting staff from overworking as well as allowing manufacturers output and stability when facing any labour shortages.

On the other end of the spectrum, turnkey solutions can allow high level automation to replace entire lines, from processing through to packaging and palletising. These solutions are seamlessly connected and allow communication throughout the whole packaging process.

This level of automation allows manufacturers to operate in a safe and efficient manner, with consistent and continuous outcomes.

Some level of operators will be required to monitor the equipment, they will however work in spaced out environments, where they are likely to be less at risk of COVID implications and in turn the stresses and pressures associated.

For larger manufacturers, full turnkey systems can be an extremely valuable investment.

Automating the packaging process in such a way can guarantee output levels, which is invaluable at a time when COVID factors have and will continue to cause delays in these processes.

These systems of course require much larger investment and may not be suitable for small to medium manufacturers.

This is why Syntegon provides a wide and diverse portfolio, offering high quality solutions across all levels of automation, including affordable solutions for manufacturers taking their first steps into automation.


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