Sara Lee partners with BrandOpus to unveil new brand strategy and packaging design

Sara Lee has teamed up with branding agency, and long-term partner, BrandOpus, to reveal a new brand strategy and packaging design for their core and better-for-you ranges of frozen desserts.

The new work is due to hit shelves this week and is the first part of a portfolio-wide overhaul, which aims to reposition the offerings to sit under a more meaningful Masterbrand approach.

The project was sparked by a need to ensure Sara Lee remains contemporary and relevant as the category evolves.

It also marks a fresh beginning for the 50-year-old brand under the new ownership of New Zealand-based investor group South Island Office (SIO).

The strategic design overhaul is in response to an increased appreciation for family connections in the casual dining and entertaining occasion throughout pandemic lockdowns.

To thrive in the frozen desserts space, Sara Lee needed to elevate itself to better connect with consumers emotionally, tapping into the desire to make at home meals a little bit special.

The design celebrates the warmth, comfort, and pleasure of Sara Lee using natural textures and fibres, from the marble of the bench top to the linen of the napkin.

Fresh warm lighting creates soft shadows, cueing the emotion of the kitchen as the heart of the home. A vintage-inspired yet modern typeface taps into the rich history and nostalgic nature of the brand in a contemporary way.

Sara Lee’s red and white colour pallet has also been retained yet evolved. A dark blue helps elevate the design, whilst earthy neutral tones give a nod to the modern Australian kitchen, reinforcing the naturalness of the ingredients.


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