Distillery success with Continental hose

Continental beverage hoses have already been employed by beverage manufacturers across the global market, particularly in the USA, Europe, and the rest of the Asia Pacific.

Distilling, among others, has proven fertile ground for the Continental’s hoses. Distilleries rely on robust and high-quality industrial hoses to mitigate the risks of process failures, to ensure product purity at all stages of production, and to ensure hygienic and reliable transportation of fluids.

Finders Distillery, based in Sydney NSW, is a local independently owned production facility for small batch Gin and Vodka using a wide range of Australian sourced ingredients.  Continental’s PureOne hose is used to transfer the base spirit from main storage tanks to a 300L copper still where the distillation process can begin. The base spirit which is raw product measures 98 per cent ABV.

Hoses used for transferring, needs to withstand this high proof alcohol over its service life.

Finder’s Distillery had issues with a competitor hose they were originally supplied. Before production began a sample test run was conducted with Competitor A’s hose and it was noticed that the alcohol was discoloring during the transfer process. This was causing major concern for the quality of the finished product.

The flexibility and light weight of the Continental alternative, plus the capability to handle high-proof alcohol as necessity to not taint product made the Continental hose the right choice for this application.

Spoil of product and production downtime is protected when using Continental Hose and Fittings.

The use of correct industrial hoses also mitigates the risk of process failures, which in turn force shutdowns, resulting in product and monetary losses.



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