Breakthrough meat quality measurement technology achieves landmark accreditation

In a world’s first, Australian Agtech start-up MEQ Probe has today received the first ever accreditation for a hot carcase marbling measurement technology for beef.

Awarded by industry peak body, AUS-MEAT, MEQ Probe is now the only technology that has the ability to accurately measure both intramuscular fat (IMF) in lamb and marbling in beef.

MEQ Probe’s technology underwent stringent independent testing and has now been accredited by AUS-MEAT for accurate measurement between the 100-1200 MSA point range for beef. Marbling is considered one of the most significant aspects impacting the quality and value of meat.

Marbling refers to the small flecks of fat distributed throughout the muscle in beef and is currently measured using cold marbling measures where fat deposits and distribution on a cut surface of chilled beef is visually assessed by processing plant graders or grading professionals.

Current marbling measurement methods present many inefficiencies, including losing valuable time that could be used to create thorough cut design plans, using considerable amounts of energy to chill carcases, losing space in chillers and potential grading inaccuracies due to human error and subjective judgement.

MEQ Probe’s newly accredited hot measure solution gives processors 10x the time to determine their cut design plan and saves on energy and chiller space.

The hot measure prevents the need for extended chilling, which provides valuable occupational health and safety improvements in the boning room.

Information about individual carcase is also provided in real-time, allowing processors to share insights quickly through the supply chain – distributors, retailers, consumers and farmers. MEQ Probe enables far greater consistency which ensures the industry can deliver on its brand promise with confidence.

The accreditation of the company’s beef marbling probe comes after processors, Australian Country Choice (ACC) and Teys Australia, successfully partnered with the company to help the development of the probe over the last 12 months.

“Australia produces approximately 2.4 tonnes of beef a year, 76 per cent of which is exported. Our beef quality is a point of pride and with consumers becoming increasingly discerning when it comes to product quality, having an accurate, scientifically backed measure of meat marbling is critical,” said MEQ Probe CEO, Remo Carbone.

“Our accreditation puts Australia at a distinct advantage and opens doors for what producers and processors can do in terms of branding and premium price targeting.

“We are beyond thrilled to have received accreditation from AUS-MEAT and to work with all those in the beef supply chain to make digitised marbling measurement the standard for the industry.

“However, MEQ Probe will continue to push the limits of our technology and work to bring even more value and understanding about the red meat we eat. We have a lot planned for 2022.”


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