AOL partners with ABC Organic Gardener to promote organic principles

Industry body Australian Organic (AOL) is pleased to announce its partnership with magazine ABC Organic Gardener for 2020 to promote organic principles and educate consumers around making informed choices when it comes to organic products.

ABC Organic Gardener magazine is Australia’s largest organic gardening publication and is an essential companion for anyone interested in organics, gardening and a healthy, balanced lifestyle. It provides inspiration, information and practical how-to advice and solutions on all aspects of organic gardening and a holistic lifestyle.

The magazine publishes eight editions annually, and has a popular presence in print, digital and social media platforms. The Organic Gardener website provides readers with insightful articles on growing and tending for your garden, with inspiring recipes for homegrown organic produce.

Australian Organic CEO Niki Ford said the partnership provides AOL with another avenue to connect directly with organic consumers or those interested in learning more about organics in Australia.

“AOL’s 2020 partnership with ABC Organic Gardener provides an exciting opportunity for us to educate readers already invested in an organic lifestyle but for those wanting to assist consumers to make more informed choices when it comes to organics – such as looking for a certification logo on organic products,” she said. “Our partnership with ABC Organic Gardener is highly valued, with both partners committed to promoting and growing awareness surrounding organic products in Australia.”

ABC Organic Gardener editor Steve Payne said, “We are very excited to team up with AOL to help promote organic food and living to our readers and the wider community. With the planet in a perilous state, more than ever, we need to be supporting cutting-edge organic farming and sustainably produced products.”

The partnership is part of AOL’s step forward in becoming the peak industry body for the organic industry in Australia by promoting organic products and producers, and educating consumers with a wide range of lifestyle resources. AOL actively lobbies government on key regulatory matters supporting industry growth and development. It also advocates and educates consumers to recognise organic certification logos such as Australian Organic’s ‘Bud’ logo – now recognised by more than 50 per cent of Australian shoppers on products. The logo is a guarantee of a product’s true organic authenticity as opposed to various ‘fake’ organic products in the marketplace.

As part of the agreement, AOL and ABC Organic Gardener will support each other by providing content and trusted information for readers and consumers surrounding organics in Australia


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