Dried vine fruits industry welcomes funding

Murray River Organics (MRO) has welcomed almost $400,000 in Federal Government funding to advance the growth of the dried vine fruits industry across Sunraysia, enhancing its own expansion plans for the region in partnership with its growers.

Two of MRO’s properties in Colignan and in Merbein will be part of the Dried Fruits Australia (DFA) project to conduct demonstrations of crop production improvements.

As the largest dried fruit grower in the Sunraysia region with over 1100 hectares planted, MRO said the three-year project would provide valuable additional funding to improve the capacity of dried vine fruit growers in achieving higher yields and profitability.

Murray River Organics’ chief executive, Valentina Tripp, said this year’s water issues highlighted the need for investment in improved irrigation and water management.

“We are delighted that MRO will be supporting DFA with this important project. It underscores our commitment to investment in research and development that will enhance our growers’ abilities to continue to innovate with new techniques, products and farming systems

“Australia has the best dried vine fruit in the world and it is crucial that we continue to invest in the industry as it will be a core driver of our future growth and to success in international markets. That means exploring innovative ag-tech systems, including irrigation infrastructure and on-farm practices.

“MRO’s investment in the region with its growers as well as its down stream processing-to-export plant is about creation of high value-added products that will keep our regions and communities strong and profit-able long into the future.”

MRO has implemented a number of investment initiatives in recent months, with a growth plan for its farming properties to strengthen vines and improve yields over the next 2 to 3 years. A $1.6 million irrigation infrastructure program for Colignan has been completed.



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