Caspak appoints new CEO

Caspak Australia has appointed Greg Roberts as the new Australian CEO from Wednesday, 29th April. With a background predominantly in growing and managing teams in the textile industry, Greg has extensive experience in supply chain, sourcing and manufacturing in Asia, and leading acquired businesses to success.

“After running the business for 30 years I’m witnessing a really exciting time for the packaging industry, one where we have the opportunity to have great impact through innovation,” says Bryce Hickmott, founding managing director.

“With new technology and materials becoming available I’m keen to focus my efforts on product development and evolution. And bringing someone of Greg’s calibre onto the team means I can turn my attention fully to development of our sustainability and new product initiatives.”

But this appointment is more than simply handing over the reins. Having a fresh pair of eyes with a new perspective will also provide support and direct their soon-to-be-released product and operational initiates.

“I’m looking forward to working with the Caspak team, learning more about our impact in the industry and how we can collaborate and take the company to the next level by building on the solid base that Bryce has created over the last 30 years,” said Roberts.

“There are many overlaps in my experience in the textile industry, as well as ways that I can apply new thinking to future goals,” he added.

“I’ve always had an interest in the food industry and the complexities of the supply chain so this will be a great opportunity for me to formalise that interest.”

Roberts began his tenure at the company’s Braeside facility whilst construction continues on the new Caspak premises in Mordialloc, which are set to open in the next 6 weeks.

“We’re passionate about changing the way our company and society in general impacts our planet,” said Hickmott. “And this appointment will help us to cement the new direction we as a group have charted for the company, at the same time as allowing me to explore our future impact on the industry with sustainability front and centre of our thinking.”

Caspak streamlines Australasian businesses

Sister companies, Caspak Australia and Caspak New Zealand, who specialise in flexible packaging, have merged their operations and brands. While financial management of the companies will remain country-based, the merger will result in streamlining and increased efficiencies of both businesses.

The merger will see the companies operate as a single entity in order to pool their resources, technological capabilities and hasten their advances in sustainable packaging options.

“Merging will improve our buying power, drive internal cost reductions and speed up our ability to offer sustainable packaging solutions,” says Harry Zwalue, managing director, Caspak New Zealand.

For the last 30 years, both companies have had a core objective of preventing food waste through the use of high barrier packaging. “This brand merger strengthens this resolve and adds a massive internal and external sustainability overlay to all operations.” says Bryce Hickmott, Managing Director, Caspak Australia. “Further announcements around this aspect of the merger will follow.”

With Sales Offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland and Christchurch, the group has a balanced market coverage and provides Trans-Tasman customers with a seamless service delivery.

“It’s important to understand that this merger will be seamless from a customer point of view,” Hickmott added. “There will be no personal or systemic changes.”

“From a practical point of view, customers will see a new rebrand for both companies under the banner of Caspak – Sustainable Future. And they will experience the benefits of a new IT system in New Zealand from 1st October 2019, a vastly stronger and more cohesive R&D team across both markets and a freer flow of sustainable technologies between the two regions.”

“This pooling of resources is only common sense and the best way for us to drive sustainable development faster for our customer base,” Zwalue concludes.