Sustainably growing agriculture with SIPP grants


The Tasmanian government is investing almost $50 million to accelerate the state’s agriculture sector, including supporting strategic partnerships with key industry associations. 

As part of the commitment to sustainably grow agriculture, a total of $2.3 million has been allocated over four years through the Strategic Industry Partnership Program (SIPP) to partner with agriculture industry associations to deliver COVID-19 resilience, recovery and sustainable growth. 

Five grants totalling $270,000 have been awarded to agriculture industry associations in the latest round of Strategic Industry Partnership Program, announced last week. 

Proposals from the Tasmanian Hemp Association, Cider Tasmania, the Tasmanian Seed Industry Group, the Tasmanian Agricultural Productivity Group, and Dairy Tasmania are all being supported. 

For example, Cider Tasmania will undertake an educational campaign to strengthen the market positioning of the sector as high quality and regional. 

The campaign will target identified “influencers” in the beverage industry to raise awareness of the rich regional Tasmanian cider experiences available to the tourist market and the premium cider produced in Tasmania, compared to other large market brands that use juice concentrates. 

The projects supported are as follows: 

  • Tasmanian Hemp Association (THA), $100,000 – Health and wellbeing benefits of Sustainable Tasmanian Hemp Food – National Consumer Awareness Campaign aligned with the Tasmanian brand; 
  • Cider Tasmania, $15,000 – Craft cider brand work and hotelier education in hospitality industry aligned with the Tasmanian brand; 
  • Tasmanian Seed Industry Group, $50,000 – Development of the Tasmanian seed industry through the implementation of the Tasmanian Seed Industry Plan; 
  • Tasmanian Agricultural Productivity Group (TAPG), $80,000 – Agriculture Innovation EXPO; and 
  • Dairy Tasmania, $25,000 – Dairy Farm COVID-19 safety and outbreak management training. 

The SIPP provides targeted grants on a co-investment basis to peak industry bodies and organisations in recognition of the critical role they play in supporting agri-food industries, individual producers and agribusinesses. These grants are designed to support industry growth, job creation, and prosperity in our rural communities. 

Industry is providing a co-investment to the five approved SIPP projects of over $170,000. 

These projects are strongly aligned with Tasmania’s Sustainable Agri-Food Plan 2019-23, the Competitiveness of Agriculture for 2050 White Paper, and the Rural Water Use Strategy, with more to come. 

The SIPP will continue to fund a diverse range of projects with farmers and producers to support our farm-gate target of 10 billion by 2050 with job creation and prosperity in our rural communities. 


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