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SMC showcases NextGen solutions at AUSPACK 2022


SMC Corporation ANZ will exhibit at the AUSPACK 2022 event in May, focusing on “Smart Steps to Flexible Manufacturing with NextGen Automation.” 

“Right now, every new product and product modification developed by SMC is designed with size (and compactness), smart technologies and efficiency in mind,” SMC sales and marketing director Craig Sheppard said. “These factors bode well for next-generation automation.” 

As the demand for IIoT solutions and robotics grows, SMC has developed an array of advanced components that can be easily integrated on the factory floor. 

“Whether it’s a new system or an existing one, SMC can meet the demand for various robotic applications,” Sheppard said. “From end effectors for collaborative robots (cobots) which include magnetic, electric, vacuum and pneumatic grippers, right through to wireless fieldbus systems (EX600-W) to ensure an easier and safer installation.” 

SMC sales and marketing director, Craig Sheppard.

1. SMC on the move

SMC’s Energy Saving van will be on display, equipped with the latest components to measure air usage together with the software displays and integration that makes the big picture around energy saving come to life. 

“Visitors can set pressures, simulate different air demand, remote control valves and study the effects of these actions on a dashboard,” Sheppard said

2. Cobots, cobots, cobots

With robotics on everyone’s mind, SMC will be showcasing cobots from a variety of prominent brands, each equipped with SMC end effectors. 

“These displays will showcase how SMC’s range of tool changers and end effectors can be used in pick and place, machine tending, material handling, packaging, palletising and many other applications,” Sheppard said.

3. Electric cylinder display

“Thanks to their flexibility, ease of use and precision, electric cylinders are in high demand,” Sheppard said. 

“SMC will be showcasing its LEY series of electric cylinders in action. These cylinders are available in a range of sizes from small and lightweight to the heavy industrial types. SMC has invested heavily in ensuring local stock of these high demand products.”

4. Food and beverage industry compliant manifold

The new JSY5000-H valve manifold from SMC is purpose-designed for use in food and beverage manufacturing plants, as well as breweries. 

“Featuring a clean design to cope with regular wash-downs, the IP69K-compliant valve differentiates itself in the marketplace with its high flow rate, low power consumption and IO-Link point-to-point communication capability, bringing a new level of control to production,” Sheppard said.


5. SMC’s range of vacuum solutions

A range of vacuum cups will be on show. SMC will offer visitors a demonstration of what to keep in mind when selecting vacuum systems. Visitors will be able to test different cup materials and shapes and visualise changes in flow and pressure values.

6. Seminars

In 2021, after several years of working on the project, SMC helped Fletcher International Exports realise huge energy savings. In his upcoming talk at AUSPACK 2022, Bill Blyth, head of SMC’s Energy Saving Conservation Group, will share more information on a world-first energy saving strategy and how it could translate for others. 

Additionally, as a proud member of Open IIoT, Jozef Ceh, digital transformation and Industry 4.0 manager for SMC, will explore “quick wins” to get you out of the starting blocks for an Industry 4.0 implementation journey.  

SMC will be at Stand E140 at AUSPACK 2022, from 17-20 May at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. 

“After several uncertain years, our team is excited to showcase our latest technologies and to meet in-person with visitors to the show,” Sheppard said. “As you can see, there will be a good variety of solutions on show, and we look forward to discussing these with visitors.” 


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