Bonfiglioli rises to the recycling challenge

Recycling and environmental sustainability are at the forefront of an international partnership that is making trade news headlines. The newly formed partnership between Bonfiglioli and French start-up, GreenBig, draws on Bonfiglioli’s vast experience of the recycling sector to develop an innovative, tailored solution.   Read more

Sugar mills run sweet

When a major sugar mill in Queensland was forced to stop production due to a failed planetary gear unit in their mud filter, the CBC Townsville branch offered a Bonfiglioli 300 series planetary gear unit as a replacement.

CBC Power Transmission Application Engineer Brad Shepherd explains why the Bonfiglioli unit’s robust design was critical to ensuring the mill resumed production with minimal delays.

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Bonfiglioli supports local manufacturing

Manufacturing has been given the green light and companies are rapidly accelerating their production efforts to meet the demand and recoup profits.

Naturally, the need for a reliable supplier in times where many have limited stock and on-hand support is critical to the success of your business. According to Martin Broglia, managing director for Bonfiglioli ANZ, Bonfiglioli is ready to meet the demand.

“Since our inception in the local market, Bonfiglioli has made a name for ourselves in the ‘gearbox game’. We offer a large local stockholding ($10 million on-site), and this is backed up by our team of local experts who support companies across every industry,” said Martin.

“During these difficult times where customers need to ramp up and make up for lost time quickly, we want to be there for them. The last thing they need is a production line standing still due to a lack of spare parts or delayed product supply, and this is where we come in. We have developed an impressive local supply to meet the market demand.”

“We service local companies from various industries such as wastewater treatment, fruit growers, sugar, timber, food processing and the heavy-duty industry. One of our strengths has always been our wide range of products. We offer a wide selection of reliable, quality products across the gearbox range,” said Martin.

The company’s founder, Clementino Bonfiglioli designed the first worm gear (VF series) to be supplied to major packaging companies in 1988. “Today, what makes us unique is that we offer not only worm units but also both helical bevels as well as planetary units to deliver a complete range of products to the local market,” he said.

Locally, Bonfiglioli quickly realised the need to ensure a robust local stock contingent ($10 million) to shorten lead times and improve its service levels.

According to Martin, the company can also take on more complex jobs that require additional design and engineering thanks to its design department. “This allows us to provide a full plug-and-play solution.”

In its efforts to deliver improved customer satisfaction, Martin also notes that the company now runs regular customer satisfaction surveys. “We believe that our service quality should match our product quality. For this reason, we listen to our customers. Our offices are equipped with the people, skills and product required by our customers.”

Bonfiglioli here to help

Steeped in 60 years of rich history, Bonfiglioli prides itself on the design, production and distribution of gearmotors, drive systems, planetary gearboxes and inverters. The brand is currently present in 80 countries and has more than 3,000 members of staff.

Martin Broglia, managing director for Bonfiglioli ANZ said that the company handles some of Australia’s most complex industrial automation demands.

“We pride ourselves on a winning combination of capability and technology and we are able to assemble drives up to 600Kw right here, on-site.”

“Bonfiglioli carries a large local stock holding and offers in-house service and technical staff to assist with field service and commissioning. Our engineering team is also here to help with more technical applications”.

Packaging Solutions
Among an array of industries serviced, Bonfiglioli meets the requirements of the food and packaging industry. “We offer solutions for grain, handling and milling, baking processing as well as fruit and beverage processing,” says Broglia.

Bonfiglioli offers specific products for hygienic, explosion-proof and enhanced protection, developed to deliver the reliability and durability typically demanded by the food and beverage sector. “Our products are typically found in meat and fish, poultry, diary and packaging industries and can handle anything from delicate food packaging to large grain mills and crushers.”

“For grain handling and milling, we offer the F series – a shaft mounted gearbox and geared motor. To name but a few benefits it offers easy installation, quiet operation, high torque capabilities and energy saving.”

“Another great product for handling, particularly for bucket elevators, is our HDO series of heavy-duty gearboxes and geared motors. It acts as a one-stop complete drive solution, and offers highly transmissible power, extensive customisation, an external cooling-system and quiet operation.”

Bonfiglioli’s A series of helical bevel geared motors with an auxiliary drive is ideal for handling and storage in the packaging industry. “It’s efficient, cost-effective, compact and modular and offers flexible mounting,” said Broglia.

An all-rounder
Bonfiglioli offers vast experience and a solid competence in an array of industries. From food and beverage, agriculture and packaging to mining, intralogistics and many more. “Answering to the call of Industry 4.0, we also offer a Condition Monitoring System. This is an innovative solution for constantly monitoring the health of a gearbox and avoiding costly downtime,” he said.

“We pride ourselves on meeting health and safety requirements and accurately delivering to our customers’ needs – on time and on budget.”