wave pool

Surf experience at simulation wave pool part of Siemens Beyond 150 prize

Australia is synonymous with surfing culture, but the perfect wave isn’t always easy to find. While beach hopping and unpredictable swells can be part of the overall fun, location and timing can create barriers to entry for those looking to break in. As the country’s most advanced simulation wave pool, URBNSURF is bringing the barrels to Melbourne’s northern suburbs, offering accessibility to surfing in a state-of-the-art recreation environment. Read more


Melbourne helicopter ride, fine dining and wine tasting experience in Siemens’ next Beyond 150 prize

Imagine being whisked away on a private flight to one of Australia’s most beautiful destinations. A bird’s eye view of Melbourne from the window of a helicopter and luxurious dining set against a backdrop of rolling green hills await this month’s winners of the Siemens Beyond 150 Competition. This immersive experience will explore how digitalisation technology supports the craftmanship of Australian winemaking, ensuring the perfect drop, every time. Read more


Relive the history of Siemens tech in the heart of Australia

Australia has been home to many globally recognised technological advancements over the last 150 years, including the establishment of the overland Telegraph Line in 1872. Often referred to as the greatest engineering feat of the nineteenth century, this project was the launchpad for Siemens’ work in connecting the nation through modern communications. Read more


Blending craft and automation to make beautiful chocolate – a Beyond 150 Competition experience

Australia has a rich history in the art of chocolate making, and Siemens works closely with industry to integrate modern automation systems for a range of applications. Many of these family-owned businesses have been in operation for over a century, developing their craft and growing with the introduction of newer, more efficient production frameworks. Read more


Beyond 150 Competition: See Siemens technology in action at Coopers Adelaide Brewery

There aren’t many things more quintessentially Australian than a cold bottle of Coopers ale. Born from an old family recipe in the early 1860s, the first iteration of this well-known drink was originally meant as a health tonic for Thomas Cooper’s wife. The concoction was so flavourful, however, that word soon spread through the South Australian colonies, establishing the now longest standing family-owned and operated brewery in the country. Read more