Taking safety to the next level at a manufacturing facility


Allied Finishes was called on to design and deliver a complete flooring, drainage, and hobs package for a large Australian beverage manufacturing facility. Adam McCleery writes.

Food and beverage internal construction and flooring provider, Allied Finishes, continues to work on projects with industry-leading clients seeking to increase the hygiene and safety in their manufacturing facilities.

No two projects are the same for Allied Finishes. It takes a consultant and designer to thoroughly review the areas in focus, to understand exactly what’s required. One of Allied Finishes’ core principles is to focus on the customer, not the product. They take the time to understand the challenges the customer is facing, and design a solution tailored to their needs.

In the Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry, timing is critical. Allied Finishes believes that it is essential to complete projects flawlessly within the allocated timeframe. Downtime is huge, and these manufacturing facilities can’t afford it.

As the company expands its capabilities from not only flooring and drainage, but to internal construction projects, working with industry-leading clients, Allied Finishes has experience like no other.

Recently, the company completed a new project, redesigning and carrying out a project involving the falls, drainage, flooring, and hobs in a refrigeration room for a Beverage Manufacturer, a long-time client.

facilityWith many large refrigeration machines in one room, and liquid coming off the machines, this room was a slippery, dangerous environment. Drainage was poor, positioned incorrectly, resulting in water pooling in various areas throughout the room.

Machines were previously situated in brick bunds, with minimal waterproofing, allowing water to seep through to the floor. There were multiple challenges to be solved in this project. The client required a safe, non-slip floor, with efficient drainage, no pooling of water, and sealed, safe bunds that eliminated water leakages.

Allied Finishes made multiple visits to the site prior to thoroughly understand the client’s requirements and ensure that every challenge would be met successfully.

To rectify the drainage issues, Allied Finishes installed drip tray outlets, which were plumbed directly into the nearest point drains. Unique, double-drainage points were created, to ensure all other liquid in the area would still flow to the existing drainage points. Drip tray outlets were attached to the second drainage point to ensure the majority of the water coming off the refrigeration machines would flow directly into the drains.

Following the drainage issues being rectified, falls were created to allow for efficient draining. Bunds were installed to seal the area that the machines sat in, as well as coving, to ensure no water could seep through the walls. Allied Finishes then resurfaced the area in their patented SteriFloor Beschützen system, with a non-slip finish in Traffic Grey.

SteriFloor Beschützen was the selected finish, as it is an antimicrobial, food-safe floor, that is fast-curing, and suitable for high wear areas with heavy foot traffic. It is an odourless, abrasion resistant solution that is easy to maintain.

This was ideal for the refrigeration room, where the timeframe for completion was tight, and the client needed a hard, non-slip surface in a short turnaround.

The client reported to have been very impressed with the final result, with the area being transformed into a safe, efficient area, reducing downtime in the area, and allowing people to operate safely in the area.


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