Rockwell Automation’s TechED offers collaborative environment

Rockwell Automation’s Sydney TechED event was one of several events the company holds every year around the world.

It is an opportunity for both Rockwell Automation and its partners to get together and talk about the various projects and latest pieces of technology in the automation space.

“We have found that TechED is the best way for us to enable ourselves and our extended sales team – which are our distributors and system integrators – to learn more about the latest technology,” said Sally Lai, marketing manager, Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific. “This event enables them to discuss the latest technology and to interact with the other partners whereby they can collaborate on projects.”

One of the highlights was the keynote address by technology expert Chris Riddell with a speech titled Beyond Tomorrow. “He shared some insights of what is to come in the future,” said Lai. “He spoke about the technology that we’ll be seeing in the near future. It is the first time we have an external speaker to present on a topic that is still related to what we do, so it was refreshing.”

Commercial marketing manager Laura Hernandez and Lai were very pleased with the event and had great feedback on how proceedings went.

“We had very positive feedback from our customers, partners and colleagues,” said Hernandez. “More than a couple of people mentioned it was the best TechED they had ever attended and that it was well organised and the content was outstanding.”

“I have been to TechED in Singapore and the scale of the one is Sydney is the bigger one of the two in terms of the size of the attendants and content. I think overall it was well attended. We had about 260 attendees at the event and some very good leads and opportunities came out from event for all involved,” said Lai.

There were plenty of sessions covered by Rockwell Automation staff and Platform 1, Platform 2, Knowledge, Technology and Discovery Stations were covered by a plethora of subjects including controller-based batching, designing a safe motor control system, smart safety systems and practical guidelines for drive installation to name a few.

Strategic Alliance Partner feedback was also strong. “I was impressed with the level of engagement that Rockwell Automation customers showed,” said Keith Pereira from Cisco Systems Australia. “All sessions looked well attended, especially the labs. It was also good to see a lot of Cisco concepts positioned, too.”


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