Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management delivers strong ROI

Sage, the market leader in cloud business management today launched an independent study that has revealed the significant savings made by businesses in three major industries after they implemented Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management. Sage commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a series of Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) studies[1] and objectively examine the potential return on investment (ROI) that organizations may realize by deploying Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3).

The research found that as well as receiving significant ROI within a short amount of time, businesses found savings in labour, inventory levels, and improved productivity resulting in thousands of hours saved globally.

Key Findings include:

  • For Distribution industries study finds 237% ROI with payback within 4 months
  • For Manufacturing industries study finds 218% ROI with payback also within 4 months
  • For Service industries study finds 197% ROI with payback within 5 months

Nick Goode, EVP of Product, Sage said “We understand our customers do not have limitless resources, this means return on investment should be part of every company’s decision-making process when purchasing an enterprise management solution.  Companies expect expenditure to produce a visible return. Working with Forrester, we have set out to support smart companies recognize that identifying benefits is a prerequisite for assessing an investment’s value. We are positive of the value Enterprise Management brings to our customers and are proud to be able to demonstrate this.” 

Customer feedback on Enterprise Management

To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with customer investment in Enterprise Management, Forrester conducted in-depth interviews with four customers for each of the core verticals. Forrester interviewed customers from Manufacturing, Distribution and Service Industry, each with at least two to three years of experience using the solution.

Interviewed customers reported that the workflow automation and alerts functionality within Enterprise Management encourages users to adhere to policies and speeds up processes. In the past, an employee would have to chase approval of a purchase order. With Enterprise Management, the automated workflow alerts notify the appropriate staff, and approvals are done in a more reasonable amount of time.

With documentation and office collaboration functionality in Enterprise Management, every vendor invoice is scanned into a document management system, and PDFs are uploaded into Enterprise Management and attached to the records. Invoices are now accessible by anyone who needs to see them, including business units and purchasing, receiving dock, and accounts payable employees. With Enterprise Management, employees don’t have to search physical file cabinets anymore; they just access them via Enterprise Management on their computers.


To download the exclusive Forrester TEI report, please visit https://www.sage.com/au/lp/enterprise-management/forrester-tei-report

[1] The Total Economic Impact™ Of Sage’s Enterprise Management For Distribution, Manufacturing, and Services Organizations, commissioned studies conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Sage in February 2018.


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