Wineries can save with Caps Australia compressed air audit

Compressed air is a critical utility to many industries, including the wine industry, performing a range of wine production functions including grape crushing, pressing, cooling, heating, filtering, drying as well as receiving and bottling the end product.

Its versatility and convenience make compressed air essential to a diverse range of applications, with approximately 15 per cent of all industrial electricity consumption in Australia going to generating compressed air.

What many businesses do not realise, however, is just how energy intensive compressed air is, with almost 90 per cent of the electrical input energy being converted to waste heat.

This means only 10 per cent of the remaining energy is compressed air energy.

Additionally, compressed air systems are often poorly set-up, maintained and controlled which creates further inefficiencies, it is not unusual to find a system using only 50 per cent of compressed air productively.

If a system is not running as well as it could, a business could be using more electricity than is required.

Wasting energy is wasting money. Fortunately, a professional audit and assessment of a system can reveal surprising opportunities to reduce energy consumption and overall business cost.

Caps Australia has developed a fully proprietary auditing package, designed to give a full view of a business’s compressed air system.

It is non-invasive, low-cost and simple to undertake yet provides highly valuable insights into the operation and efficiency of a system.

Typically, Caps expect to find savings up to 15 per cent, and it’s not uncommon to find savings beyond 50 per cent in electricity with payback well within two to three years.

Recently Caps were able to generate some excellent outcomes for one of its customers.

The implemented solution included replacement equipment along with a number of improvements to the system, including a 20 per cent reduction in electricity consumption, with a payback on capital investment within two years.

There was also improved air quality and 30 per cent savings in long-term maintenance costs.

More stable pressure to the customers’ demands, meaning greater and more consistent productivity was also a factor.

Having conducted more than 500 compressed air audits across Australia, Caps has uncovered millions of dollars in potential savings for customers.

The company’s team holds a highly respected voice in the compressed air industry due to a professional approach, industry-leading equipment, processes and specially developed air audit software to ensure consistent and accurate results.

Caps is offering wineries an obligation-free air audit with the Caps team performing an efficient health-check of compressed air systems.

Companies will receive a report complete with expert recommendations that are geared to deliver long-term savings and improved efficiency.



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