Plastic pillow block bearings

Lubrication-free xiros pillow block bearings replace metallic solutions and are designed to help maintain clean conditions in the food and packaging sectors. The units, which are developed by igus, are made of the FDA-compliant high-performance plastic xirodur B180.

Compared to metallic solutions, the user can save 83 per cent of weight with the new smooth-running compact xiros bearing. Thanks to the same dimensions of the hole spacing, a 1:1 replacement is quick and easy.

Used on roller conveyors or conveyor belts, pillow block bearings play a central role in the food industry. They ensure that shafts rotate smoothly even under heavy loads.

Metallic pillow block bearings, in contrast, have high friction due to their shield and grease filling. This means that, for example, the rollers of a conveyor belt no longer rotate and the conveyor wears out.

The ball-mounted xiros pillow block bearing is flushable and suitable for application environments of up to 80°C. Due to its special material and the built-in stainless steel balls, the bearing is very smooth and also corrosion-resistant.

Capable of coping with a high stress, the bearing withstands up to 50kg with up to 850 revolutions per minute. The new pillow block bearing is currently used by igus for shafts with a diameter of 25mm. Other sizes are available upon request.



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