Increasing torque with the new Rexnord TLK 136


When it comes to conveyor manufacturing, the first thing that comes to mind is how to set things in motion. Everything that needs to move along a production line, requires a positive drive.

When a secure connection is required between two rotating mating parts transmitting torque a keyway is often machined into both shafts and a parallel or straight key is used to secure the connection.

Rexnord backed by more than 40 years of application expertise has within its extensive portfolio a range of reliable, quality locking devices as an alternative to the traditional keyed method. Their products feature a wide range of offerings, from simple locking mechanism designs to more advanced models with a choice of corrosion resistant coatings for harsher environments.

The Rexnord Tollok® locking mechanisms offer an innovative machine solution for mounting and dismantling rotating shafts for not only industrial conveyor applications but anywhere where the transmission of torque is required.

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