Mountain Fresh Fruit Juices flourishing with flawless maintenance


The Mountain Fresh Fruit Juices production facility is nestled amongst the green pastoral hills of Mount Compass, renowned for its ideal farming conditions, rich and fertile soil, and fresh produce.

Visitors to the area can expect to find bounties of blueberries, strawberries, cheese, venison, pheasants, and fresh produce in nearby hamlets that line the meandering country roads.

A fourth-generation juice producer, Mountain Fresh Fruit Juices, was established by the Stadler family in the 1970s. Recognisable by their signature green bottle, they were the first company to introduce tropical fruit juices to the Australian market. 

From their beginnings as a local manufacturer, they experienced slow and steady growth over the years, organising exports to South-East Asia, and beyond. 

Eventually, Mountain Fresh achieved global notoriety for their fresh juices at trade shows and tastings, becoming known as “the quiet achiever” in their industry. 

“Our mandate is to produce pure and premium fresh tropical fruit juices,” says Peter Stadler, the Owner and Operator. “Our motto: ‘quality, not quantity,’ has proven to be the secret to our success over the years.”

The Stadlers have a longstanding relationship with their local BSC branch, who have supported and advised the juice manufacturer on their industrial solutions for more than two decades. 

“I’ve known Peter for 25 years,” says Joe Visconte, Account Manager at BSC Londsdale, who has been working for Motion Asia Pacific for more than 40 years. “I visit his site monthly and check on the performance of the bottling conveyors, belts, and gearboxes in his factory. Mountain Fresh uses pristine, state-of-the-art equipment in their facility and they pride themselves on exceptional quality products.” 

In more recent years, Joe has recommended and provided the Rocol lubricant solution to Mountain Fresh to assist in extending the life of their equipment. 

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