Water blending system solutions from Bürkert

Water blending

Experts from Bürkert know better than most the advantages of introducing water blending systems into the production process.  

Water conditioning is an important process in many sectors, including food and beverage, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.  

When it comes to blending water and maintaining a specific degree of water quality or a precise temperature, success depends on the exact measurement and dosing of the process water and make-up water. 

To this end, Bürkert has developed a modular water blending solution with several options of transmitters and controllers that control and regulate the blending process very precisely. 

Water blending
Bürkert has a range of water blending solutions for the food and beverage industry.

Bürkert’s Blending System can be adapted to a number of applications that support delivering a high quality of water to meet any legislation and standards.  

Two examples of applications where the Blending System solution can be applied in Australian manufacturing are craft brewing, with temperature control to achieve the desired strike water temperature. 

And conductivity quality with blending and controlling two different qualities of water together to achieve the required output quality in manufacturing plants 

The right water quality can only be achieved by selecting the right components.  

Bürkert provides a best-fit solution, whether based on a standard solution or an individually customised system.  

Depending on requirements, the piping, the process control, the sensor system and the control valves can either be pre-assembled or individually configured from individual components at Bürkert’s Systemhaus in Sydney. 

The system is built around Bürkert’s Type 8619 multiCELL controller.  

The multiCELL collects data from up to six sensors, allowing users to check the water temperature, the pH value, the conductivity, the ORP value and the chlorine content at a glance 

The multi-channel transmitter can also perform a range of dosing, flow, level, pressure, and control functions.  

Modularity in hardware and software offers high flexibility for adjusting it to the needs of the application, while sophisticated electronics and state of the art control algorithms ensure that optimum process control is maintained at all times with minimal operator intervention.  

Bürkert’s batch controllers are also another worthy addition to perform any simple control tasks. 

Water blending
Bürkert has developed a modular water blending solution which has precise measurement capabilities.

Depending on the individual design, the multicell is combined with hygienic butterfly valves, angle seat valves or modulating control valves, and various required instrumentssuch as conductivity and temperature sensors, hard-wired or connected via IO-Link. 

A fitting example is the need in craft brewing to achieve the perfect strike water temperature consistentlya problem that is faced by many brewers in Australia 

The brewing has a lot of manual operations in place and the consistency of brewing batches can sometimes a problem. 

In one such application Bürkert recently successfully completed, from a control system standpoint, the site PLC was full, with no I/O left to expand.  

Rather than take the option of building and programming a completely new PLC and panel system, the company decided to hand over the water blending control tasks to a Bürkert Blending System, without affecting or requiring expanding the existing site PLC. 

The multiCELL was able to perform all the control tasks and collect all the sensor signals including running PID control algorithms as a closed loop standalone control system, including the driving of digital and analog signals to the process valves and instruments, and then hand all this information back over to the PLC via a single digital signal using EtherNet/IP. The brewer only had to add an Ethernet switch to the existing PLC panel. 

The Bürkert’s blending system consistently achieves the strike water temperature, guaranteeing every batch meets the quality and taste that the head brewer is proud to call his own. 


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