CBS Foodtech takes up latest slicing technology

CBS Foodtech

Ahead of foodpro 2021 Food and Beverage Industry News spoke to CBS Foodtech about their latest offering, which will also be on display at the industry trade show. 

CBS Foodtech recently released its newest product, which is part of the StartUp line, ahead of the important event later this year. 

CBS Foodtech has taken up the latest slicing technology from TREIF. The Divider StartUp offers one of the most compact slicers in its league, with fully featured slicing options like shingle, stacking and staggered stacks all possible on the one unit.  

With an intuitive touch screen the operators can easily navigate to all the stored programs and make adjustments during production without any issues, speeding up the manufacturing process while doing so.  

The unit can also be fully washed down and sanitised, offering some of the highest hygiene standards and disassembly all without the use of specialised tools, streamlining the cleaning process.  

The unit can also slice a wide range of items, from cooked products like hams and bacons, to cured meats such as salami and prosciutto, as well tempered fresh meats like shabu shabu.  

All this is made possible due to the products patented cutting system and orbital blade, along with a large cutting window of 280 x 160mm and an infeed length of 600mm, the system gives this unit a wide range of applications. 

With its compact design and integral wheels, the unit can easily be pushed in and out of production areas as required, making it a flexible allrounder for many slicing tasks and a product which can be used across a range of manufacturing areas. 

The Divider StartUp is ideal for your canteen, commercial kitchensbutcher ‘s shops or for convenience production. The DIVIDER start-up entry level model can provide a manufacturer with a flexible basis with which to work from.  

A standout feature of the start-up is its mobility and high level of adaptability with the low weight and mobile base allowing the slicer to be placed as needed. 

The compact design and space saving installation allows for flexible solutions on a daily basis and cleverly combines optimised handling through intuitive operation, the proven TREIF slicing technology and the hygiene design. 

The blade slider also prevents stopping of the blade which ensures an extremely short product loading time, creating the positive outcome of minimising dead time during production.  

With the circular blade slicer DIVIDER startup you can slice a wide range of products without the need to make any conversions to the machine. 

CBS Foodtech
CBS Foodtech has taken up the latest slicing technology from TREIF.

Meanwhile, the intuitive menu guided operation with touch display and intelligent assistance function allows users to change products in a matter of seconds. Another function aimed at streamlining the production process is data transfer via a USB port, meaning a user can import or backup data with ease.  

One of the other major benefits of the slicer, especially as company’s move towards more sustainable production, is its ability to minimise energy output by allowing slicing to be done at higher temperatures which in turn saves time for cooling and costs.  

As well as displaying at foodpro 2021, CBS Foodtech also offers a fully functional machine and product test facility that allows the company to demonstrate the use of machinery and processing techniques.  

CBS Foodtech can actively test ingredients for function and yield, and from that produce products from the initial concept right through to production. 

The facility is made available to customers who wish to test, develop, and plan their next project. Whether it’s the justification for a new machine or developing the next big product line, CBS Foodtech have a mix of machinery, ingredients, and product knowledge all in the one facility. 

Equipped with commercial fridges and freezes, interstate customers can presend product ready for their arrival or the demonstration can be videotaped and sent back for viewing.  

Demonstrations can also be performed at a customers premises. 


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