Simple GoMicro device can measure food spoilage

Can a $1 device that attaches to a mobile phone become a pivotal tool to help solve the $1 trillion food waste problem? GoMicro CEO and founder Dr Sivam Krish said the answer is yes – the GoMicro’s Spotcheck App and a phone attachable magnifier is designed for accurately assessing the level of ripeness or spoilage of fresh foods. Read more

minimise waste

How to minimise waste through packaging

In the lead-up to FoodTech Queensland, Food & Beverage Industry News speaks with key speakers from Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) and Close The Loop Group around how food and beverage businesses can minimise waste through packaging innovations. Read more

Christmas is coming and so is food waste

Food waste fighting social enterprise Good & Fugly wants to help organisations of all sizes change habits for good while spreading good cheer this Christmas, a season when overall waste increases by around 30 per cent. In fact, 90 per cent of Australians discard over 25 per cent of their food during the festive period.

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