Ultrasonic flow sensors

Sick has introduced non-contact DOSIC ultrasonic flow sensors designed to precisely detect the flow volume of conductive and non-conductive liquids in demanding environments.

Featuring a rugged design, the new DOSIC ultrasonic flow sensors come with a measurement channel and stainless steel housing, making them ideal for measuring tasks in hygienic and highly demanding environments. Combined with a compact and hygienic design, the DOSIC ensures highly reliable flow measurement results, making the sensor suitable for a wide range of application possibilities, especially those involving restricted spaces or aggressive cleaning agents. The flow volume is determined in a non-contact manner since there is no contact between the sensor and the flow.

Key features of DOSIC ultrasonic flow sensors include two configurable digital inputs and outputs, up to two analogue outputs, and an IO-Link interface to an adaptive control unit ensuring effective monitoring; IO-Link reducing cabling and enabling complete control and monitoring of the sensor in Industry 4.0 machine environments; absence of moving parts eliminating potential contamination risks in demanding food industry environments; straight, seal-free, and self-emptying measuring tube made of high quality stainless steel (316L with Ra ≤ 0.8); and high quality stainless steel housing providing required ruggedness and resistance.

DOSIC ultrasonic flow sensors come with EHEDG certification and FDA compliance. These rugged sensors can withstand aggressive cleaning agents in CIP and SIP operations as well as temperatures up to 143 degrees Celsius in SIP processes for up to one hour.

The sensor automatically adjusts its parameters if the liquid is changed. The plug-and-measure solution eliminates the need for initial medium calibration and reduces installation and operating costs.


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