Pandemic challenges did not slow VEGA down


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020 the industry was hit with several obstacles, but VEGA proved to be up to the challenge. Food and Beverage Industry News reports. 

COVID-19 created challenges with many businesses and this had to be overcome by adopting diversity. For VEGA Australia, the traditional business model of customer support needed to adapt. Understanding the requirement within the Food and Beverage industry of an increased demand meant support became vital.  

VEGA have always been a big promoter of customer training, this now shifts  

to more of a video conferencing interactive solution allowing customers to learn more about the functionality of their instruments but also the ability to maintain and run efficiently. But of course, a lot of industries run 24/7, and as in the past VEGA have offered the 24 hour English speaking telephone support hotline which has proved to invaluable on the rare occasions when things go wrong.  

With the development of technology and the increased adaptability of instrumentation, VEGA implemented simplistic user friendly menu guided set up programs allowing the customer the confidence of guaranteed performance by the input of basic application information. Understanding the vast range of instruments within a typical plant and the requirement to have access to different calibration tools, VEGA focused its resources of finding and developing a common platform. In 2016, we released the “Bluetooth Smart Phone & Tablet App – VEGA Tools”, a one touch program that allowed access to all VEGA transmitter and what this has allowed is for the technician to access the instrument in a safe and wireless way. 

Furthermore, we looked at the reasons people were contacting us and how we could develop on-line video tutorials demonstrating the typical setup of common applications. Thus allowing the customer the confidence that the equipment that he had installed was “fit for purpose”.  

pandemicThe guaranteed supply of equipment was forefront for many businesses. 

VEGA Australia made the decision that readily available common products would help alleviate these concerns and this was achieved by increasing Australian stock levels.  

Every industry have their own unique applications and challenges. Understanding this, VEGA not only developed industry based catalogues showing solutions to typical applications, but also increasing industry knowledge amongst the sales and support team.  

Information to a lot of customers is very important and access to that information needed to be made simpler and readily accessible and in 2018, VEGA Australia introduced the customer focused “MYVEGA” access portal. This platform could be customised to suit the requirements of individual customers allowing them to set this platform with all the important information that suited them. 

Ease of access of information is equally important, with the introduction of a dedicated and on-demand LiveChat widget on the website in 2019 offering instant pre and after sales support with VEGA’s dedicated internal sales team, as well as live trouble shooting with document upload capability. A testament to the customer service charter employed here at VEGA Australia. Customers also have the option here to directly access the convenience of VEGA’s frequent series of Tech Talk webinars both LIVE and on-demand which has proven to be a huge success when introduced, showcasing common application demonstrations and innovative features of VEGA’s array of instruments available.   

VEGA’s 2021 NSW Customer Technology Day held at Australia’s Head Quarters in Sydney also proved a popular success with a variety of customers being invited to a COVID safe event featuring valuable live demonstrations and hands on interactive workshop sessions covering a variety of topics to enhance customer support to the next level. 

Final segment  

To VEGA, after sales support is not just a phrase that’s thrown around. It’s all part of the “relationship.” After all, the buying experience should be hassle free and rewarding .

The pandemic hasn’t slowed VEGA down, instead it has encouraged the company to innovate new ways of operating. Customers can rest easy in the knowledge that the onset of another unexpected lockdown will not disrupt a partnership with VEGA.  


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