Bluetooth added feature for new radar level transmitter

Vega has released its new radar level transmitter for water-supply and sewage Industry, featuring a smaller-beam angle and an easy-to-use software interface.

The Vegapuls WL S 61 radar sensor is suitable for all simple applications in the water-supply and sewage industry. Featuring a wide range of mounting options, it is an especially cost-effective radar solution, as it can be readily integrated into new and existing installations.

Just as with the Vegapuls WL 61, which has been available for several years with a large installed base, the new Vegapuls WL S 61 offers a design optimised for use in the water-supply and sewage industry.

Radar technology offers numerous advantages compared with ultrasonic sensors, which used to be standard in this industry; radar is independent of weather influences, strong sun, wind, fog or rain. In addition, no compensation is needed for variations in the signal transmission time due to air temperature fluctuations.

With an accuracy of +/- 5mm, the Vegapuls WL S 61 covers a range of applications.
This sensor is suitable for level and flow measurement in water treatment plants. Its excellent focussing enables its use in pumping stations and rainwater overflow basins, for flow measurement in open channels, and for level monitoring.

The sensor’s robust housing is wear-free and maintenance-free, and its high degree of protection, IP68 (2 bar), also makes it suitable for applications where the sensor may be temporarily submerged. The unit complies with the latest LPR standard (Level Probing Radar) and is approved for open-air use without restrictions or special attachments.
Managing director of Vega, John Leadbetter, said that the radar sensor’s simple and easy-to-use features made it a good choice for companies working in the food and beverage sector.

“The benefits of this unit for this industry is that they are using a transmitter that has been specifically designed for the wastewater industry and which is simple to use and implement into existing systems,” Leadbetter said.

In its development of this new sensor for simple measurement tasks, Vega drew on its many years of experience as there are over 40,000 Vegapuls WL 61 sensors already used worldwide in the water-supply industry.

A new feature is Bluetooth wireless operation from a smartphone or tablet (and/or a PC with PACTware) when combined with a Bluetooth USB adapter – this makes commissioning and diagnostics even simpler. Corresponding display and signal processing units enable the display of measurements and provide the relay outputs needed, for example, to control a pump.

“One of the main advantages of the Bluetooth functionality is that the app is free to obtain and the customer does not need any specific tools to access the transmitters parameters,” Leadbetter said.


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