Ensure your barcodes scan first time, every time


GS1 Australia’s Solution Provider Directory can help food and beverage suppliers establish an efficient supply chain because the importance of accurate barcodes labelling can’t be underestimated.  

Get it wrong and it can be an expensive and time-consuming mistake. Making sure the print quality is of a high standard and the barcodes are placed correctly on products and pallets should be a priority for any supplier in the food and beverage industry.  

According to Peter Davenport, manager of Alliances at GS1 Australia, it’s vital to ensure a barcode scans first time, every time.  

“One way to help companies achieve barcode success is to take advantage of GS1’s directory of 70 solution providers that have knowledge of and can implement GS1 standards,” said Davenport. 

“Many providers supply a complete packaging solution while others may specialise in areas such as barcoding, RFID and software solutions, for example, EDI and BarTender 

“Food and beverage suppliers can be assured that the solution provider that they choose om the directory has the technical knowledge and experience to implement GS1 standards such as Freight Labelling.” 

GS1 Australia’s network of solution providers helps with the fast and accurate implementation of GS1 standards and contributes to ongoing innovation in supply chain management.  

Solution providers trained in GS1 standards Solution providers know the GS1 standards inside-out and many also develop extra tools and resources to help businesses improve their supply chain.  

“If any supplier is looking for an expert to help implement GS1 standards quickly and accurately, the Solution Provider Directory is the best place to go. From barcode labelling to data warehousing, this extensive network of businesses is here to help,” Davenport added.  

All solution providers offer an extensive range of products and solutions including printers and labels, software and applications, IT hardware and mobility, data warehousing and management, 

As well as eCommerce enablement, systems integration, training and consulting, industry-specific solutions, warehouse, transport and logistics Special needs for food & beverage suppliers  

Every day, all over Australia, millions of food and beverage items make their way from farms and factories to supermarket shelves, cafes, bars and restaurants.  

GS1 Australia works with key representatives of the food and beverage industry to develop leading initiatives to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and safety. It’s been at the forefront of content rich, on-pack barcodes that transform point-of-sale product identification.  

It’s imperative to ensure you meet the retailer’s mandatory packaging and barcode requirements and for traceability, GS1 provides the building blocks for companies of all sizes to deliver safe products and build customer trust.  

Why use a GS1 Solution Provider? An efficient supply chain delivers value to a business. Leveraging the expertise of the GS1 network of solution providers will help a business get the most from barcoding, eCommerce, data management and RFID applications.  

All GS1 providers have thorough knowledge of GS1 systems, and all share the vision of delivering tangible supply chain benefits to GS1 members and industry groups.  

They can add benefit to a business through fast and accurate implementation of GS1 standards in a supply chain, value-added tools and resources to complement and enhance the GS1 system and access to the latest information on supply chain products and services. 

Other benefits include ongoing support to help continue to innovate and extend supply chain efficiencies.  

If you are looking for an expert to help implement GS1 standards quickly and accurately, from barcode labelling to data warehousing, GS1’s extensive network of solution providers is there to help.  

GS1 is a neutral, not-for-profit organisation that develops and maintains the most widely used global standards for efficient business communication. It is best known for the barcode, named by the BBC as one of “the 50 things that made the world economy”.  

The company’s standards and services improve supply chain efficiency, traceability and food safety across physical and digital channels in the food and beverage sector. 

GS1 standards such as the barcode continue to help make the vast complexity of modern, global business flow quickly, efficiently and securely, simplifying all kinds of supply chain processes in almost every sector all around the world.  

However, as consumers demand more and better product information, it is time to bring barcodes to the next level.  


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