Textured vegetable protein to be locally produced in Australian first

Australia’s largest and longest established manufacturer of soy products, King International Pty Ltd, has announced that it will begin producing Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) using whole Queensland soybeans.

This decision will make King International the only TVP manufacturer using locally grown soybeans in an end-to-end production process that’s one hundred per cent Australian owned and operated.

King International first opened in 1987, and is widely known for producing soy yogurts, dips, cheeses, and tofu for sale across Australia and New Zealand. The Brisbane based TVP factory, located in Archerfield, represents the next stage of this trailblazing company’s growth.

“From laying down the foundations of our new factory facility, to sampling our very first batch of soy protein, it’s been a long road to establish an Aussie made TVP range,” said King International founder and managing director, Eric Hsu.

“While some TVP products are packed in Australia, our competitors typically use soybeans grown in India or Asia. So, we are very proud of the Queensland grown products we can now offer, which includes a ‘white meat’ style of protein similar to traditional chicken or fish, along with a ‘red meat’ option more like beef.”

Textured vegetable protein is often referred to as ‘soy meat.’ When oil is extracted from whole soybeans, the remaining soy meal can be texturized, shaped, and then used as a meat alternative. TVP is quick to cook, and can be prepared in the same way as traditional animal meat.

Under the moniker ‘No Bull’, the King International range of TVP products also boasts some impressive nutritional credentials. The product contains more than 48 per cent protein, around 31 per cent dietary fibre, and less than 0.05 per cent carbohydrate.

“We like to think of our TVP as lean muscle food! Whether you’re a commercial customer using our beef style protein to supplement wholesale pies, or incorporating our chicken style protein into canned goods, the culinary applications are endless,” said Hsu.

King International will focus on supplying wholesale customers, including pet food companies and vegan brands, before targeting Australia’s mainstream retail market.


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