Dosing food oil smoothly: Faster process while maintaining consistency

food oil

When it comes to dosing food oil, Bürkert’s FLOWave sensor ensures precise, hygienic flow measurement for producers, using an innovative SAW technology. Food & Beverage Industry News reports.

Reliability is the key ingredient in the industrial production of food. High-quality ingredients and uniform recipes ensure a consistent product result. This is important because this product result is also a taste sensation. Whether it’s baby food in a glass or remoulade in a tube, businesses and customers expect each new batch of your product to taste exactly like the previous one. A flowmeter helps you ensure this by controlling the precise dosing of food oil.

It is all about the quantity per batch

A food producer doses food oil from the storage tank to the impeller type mixer. The challenge in this batch process is to ensure that neither too little nor too much oil flows because the recipe also changes the taste of the final product.

Whether you are processing mayonnaise, olive oil or baby food, your plant needs to measure and control the volume flow of food oil through the pipeline precisely.

Conventional solutions have their limitations for oil batching

Electromagnetic flowmeters (EMF) are not usually suitable, because the conductivity of many oils is too low. Mechanical flowmeters also have limitations, such as paddle wheels or oval gear meters which do not meet the hygiene requirements of the food industry. Conventional Coriolis measuring devices are used widely, however are less energy efficient due to the “tapering” of the pipeline. This is because the pump has to work harder to deliver the same quantity of medium through the thinner pipeline.

So is there a better solution?

food oil
Bürkert ensures food producers can control the precise dosing of food oil in their processes.

Hygienic flow measurement with SAW technology

For food producers, hygiene is the top priority along with consistency for their brand. Thanks to Bürkert’s innovative SAW technology, the FLOWave sensor measures the volume flow not only under completely hygienic conditions, but also independently of the conductivity of the oil. The flowmeter is made entirely of stainless steel and does not require any sensor elements in the measuring tube. For you, this means no pressure loss, no maintenance expenditure and a simple cleaning process.

FLOWave – Simply one tube

The complete FLOWave weighs only slightly more than three kilograms – a single person can install the handy flowmeter quickly and easily. It measures the volume flow hygienically and extremely precisely without the use of sensors that come into contact with the medium and independently of the conductivity. This saves you time and makes your plant more efficient.

Bürkert’s FLOWave offers maximum precision as it measures the volume flow independently of the conductivity of the medium with an accuracy of 0.4 per cent of the measured value, the accuracy for the temperature is ≤1°C.

Bürkert’s unique flow measurement technology uses Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) which occur in nature during seismic activities. This patented technology for in-line flow rate measurement of liquids means consistent processes and product quality as the “Acoustic Transmission Factor” function detects bubbles, particles or solids in the liquid. This allows the user to intervene quickly as soon as defined process variables are exceeded or undercut.

The compact and lightweight flowmeter fits into every system and is easy to install. At two inches in size, a FLOWave device weighs just 3.4kg – compared to the 70kg heavy, two-inch Coriolis system.

FLOWave devices utilise the Bürkert device platform EDIP. EDIP stands for “Efficient Device Integration Platform.” It considerably simplifies the handling of the devices and helps to integrate them quickly into an existing fieldbus system. In short, EDIP is part of our contribution to Industry 4.0.

Finally, improve your bottom line with less loss with more productivity thanks to the “density factor” function, FLOWave detects fluid changeovers very quickly and simplifies the separation of production steps. This reduces waste and costs while increasing productivity.

The high-resolution 2.4-inch display offers flexible operation with intuitive, graphic user guidance. Freely definable measured value designations and the optional display of one to four measured values, a trend curve and the parameterisation interface enable an individually coordinated display.

Systematic measurement

To ensure that the correct quantity flows, the sensor, dosing valve and controller must work in harmony. This is why Bürkert supplies you with a preconfigured system solution that you can simply integrate into your plant. No matter whether you install the system horizontally, vertically or at an angle – we will provide you with precise measurement results.

For more information about the Bürkert FLOWave sensor, visit www.burkert.com.au/en/products/sensors-transmitters-and-controllers/flow/flowave-saw.


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