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When operating on agricultural land, it is important to prioritise services and supply designed for our unique and often unpredictable landscapes. So often, Australian farmers are left disappointed with the quality of imported consumables such as tractor lubricants. This was the case for Peter Vicary in the 1980s, when he and his sons, Ben and Andrew, founded Gulf Western Oil.

Their mission was to create a high-quality tractor oil, specific to the Australian market and with a wide range of applications to minimise unnecessary inventory clutter. Beginning as a small company, servicing the local community, they now sit at a multi-million litre output across every state and beyond. As Australia’s largest family-owned lubricants manufacturer, they operate out of a NSW Environment Protection Agency (EPA) approved facility in Sydney.


Gulf Western Oil’s AGRITRANS Universal Tractor Transmission and Fluid (UTTF) is a versatile and OEM-approved lubrication product. It meets the requirements for most modern and older tractor manufacturers in Australia, and can be utilised on transmissions, hydraulics, differentials, final drivers, wet clutches and brakes.

Containing an anti-squawk additive, it ensures safe operation of wet brakes, and has been tested in over 250 tractors for more than 200,000 hours. This guaranteed reliability renders AGRITRANS a favoured product by tractor and hydraulic pump manufacturers nationwide.

Gulf Western Oil is dedicated to only using premium grade virgin base oils, following the American Petroleum Institute (API) Licensing codes and the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Management System certification. Thanks to their innovative API approved additive systems, they now have some of the highest OEM approvals in Australia’s agricultural lubrication market.

Having been tested in various demanding environments, for what has accumulated to millions of hours in the field, AGRITRANS is 100 per cent Australian made and offers a seal of guarantee to give manufacturers and agricultural workers peace of mind. Its high zinc formula is an excellent solution wherever common oil with viscosity grade 10W-20, 10W-30 or 80W is required.

AGRITRANS performs particularly well in hydraulic applications, due to its strong water tolerance. As an insoluble lubricant, it applies thoroughly in all weather conditions, and reliably maintains its viscosity. Additionally, this UTTF boasts good filterability and low copper activity, rendering it a viable ongoing choice for general oil needs.

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