Food and beverage industry solutions from Rittal


Rittal offers a range of solutions well-suited to the rapidly evolving food and beverage industry. The modular design of Rittal enclosures, climate control, power generation and IT systems provides an easily scalable platform.

Rittal’s enclosures are designed for years of reliable service in frequent washdown environments. The wide flexibility of Rittal’s production systems and equipment can help food and beverage manufacturers manage the large set of variables required to rebrand/reinvent their offerings cost-efficiently to meet changing market and regulatory demands.  

Rittal can help brands and manufacturers in vertical industries with a complete portfolio of solutions:  

For breweries  

  • Modular enclosure design allows easy baying to improve scalability of operations;
  • Easy-to-customise doors, mounting panels and rail accessories create additional space for controls and power systems; and
  • HMI accessories protect high-speed controls and stand up to washdowns.

For wineries  

  • Climate control and enclosure systems protect production equipment; and
  • Modular enclosures are easy to maintain and scalable for future products and growth.

For meat/poultry/fish processing  

  • Full portfolio of free-standing and wall mount enclosures for clean room and packaging operations;  
  • Stainless steel components and sloped roofs stand up to frequent washdowns; and 
  • Secure covers and sealed access points protect sensitive equipment.  

For bakeries  

  • Climate control solutions protect equipment from bakery dust and high temperatures; and  
  • Full range of HMI accessories enable customisation and protection of production controls. 

For more information, visit https://www.rittal.com/industries/food-beverage/


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