Food safe bearings save local snacks


From meat pies, to lamingtons, to fairy bread – it’s no secret that Australians love their snacks. Australia is home to a few iconic homegrown snack brands with the industry peaking in demand last year at an annual revenue of more than 4.2 million AUD, according to Statista.

Savoury snacks such as chips are a popular choice for peckish Australians, keeping potato harvesters, producers, and manufacturers on their toes when it comes to servicing and maintaining their equipment, according to BSC Sales Representative for the Food and Beverage sector, Fady Elchab.

“At BSC we play a key support role to some of the snack industry’s biggest names, and we strive to provide dependable service that grows their business operations and reduces costs wherever possible,” says Fady.

Recently, one local snack brand manufacturer was experiencing problems with their potato peeler. The existing bearings were sliding up and down the shaft causing wear and eventual breakdown of the equipment and the customer was concerned about the costly downtime being incurred by these failures.

They deferred to Fady and his team at BSC for assistance with finding a bearing solution that was food grade and would extend the life of the potato peeling equipment. Fady visited the site with his in-house engineering team to assess the application and identify areas for improvement.

“We recommended the NTN F-UC stainless steel bearings with collars and a lubrication package,” says Fady. “The raceways and rolling elements are constructed from martensitic stainless steel and the housing and cover from austenitic stainless steel which are ideal for applications that need to be resistant to corrosion.”

“These particular bearings are filled with solid grease that is safe for food processing applications and in compliance with the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) H1 standard for incidental contact with food,” he explains.

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