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Meeting the rising demands of plant-based nutrition

BeneoPro W-Tex enables the creation of meat-free products such as burgers, sausages and bolognaise with a stable, chewable texture and fibrous structure.

It can be easily flavoured with a variety of tastes, herbs and spices, making it a flexible meat substitute suitable for the growing number of consumers worldwide who are looking for plant-based food alternatives. It also takes only 5 to 15 minutes to hydrate, eradicating the need for long soaking, and making it convenient for production.

As the consumer palate for plant-based foods continues to evolve, producers are wanting even more versatility when it comes to fine-tuning their plant-based product’s organoleptic profile (its taste, sight, smell, and touch), as well as its texture. To facilitate this process, BENEO has also created a new range of BeneoPro W-Tex variants that meets different needs, both in terms of taste and texture, no matter the application.

Producers looking for finer textures in ground meat replacement products and plant-based sausages can make use of the recreated BeneoPro W-Tex formulation, which now comes in a smaller particle size averaging 5 mm, instead of the standard 7 mm. There’s also a variant that is especially suitable to imitate  chicken products such as nuggets or strips due to its higher water holding capacity, which creates softer, juicier, more chicken-like textures.

Finally, a variant that contains only wheat protein (with a higher percentage of protein > 75 per cent on dry matter) completes the range. It has a closer structure and firmer texture than BENEO’s other textured wheat protein ingredients, and is able to resist tougher processing conditions and freezing, making it ideal for applications such as a replacement for minced meat in frozen vegan ready meals.

Delivering on both taste and texture is key to building a loyal consumer base. With innovative ingredients such as those from BENEO, it is now possible for manufacturers to formulate products that combine both ‘plant-based’ and ‘indulgence’ for a wide variety of applications, and meet the growing range of customer and regional needs.


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