Blending craft and automation to make beautiful chocolate – a Beyond 150 Competition experience


Australia has a rich history in the art of chocolate making, and Siemens works closely with industry to integrate modern automation systems for a range of applications. Many of these family-owned businesses have been in operation for over a century, developing their craft and growing with the introduction of newer, more efficient production frameworks.

To celebrate 150 years of innovation on Australian soil, Siemens has launched the first instalment of the Beyond 150 Competition. This will give individuals the unique opportunity to see how Siemens technology works behind the scenes to transform the everyday. The first competition prize focuses on iconic South Australian experiences and includes personalised tours of Haigh’s Chocolates and Coopers Brewery in Adelaide, as well as a three-day journey on the legendary Ghan. Lucky winners will be given vouchers for Haigh’s Chocolates, allowing them to stock up on plenty of delicious sweet treats in-store. Importantly, they will see first-hand how technology can seamlessly support the perfection of fine food and beverage craft.

Siemens has a major focus in supporting business growth through the implementation of smarter technology – from energy management systems and energy efficiency programs, through to automation, process control, traceability and tracking, and supply chain optimisation. Many of their products are designed with this in mind, and can be retrofitted to expanding or partially automated environments for melting, cooling, packaging and quality control. This is particularly useful in the business of manufacturing small delicacies such as chocolates.

The arrival of Industry 4.0 requires food and beverage manufacturers to adopt new automation and digitalisation tools across every stage of the production process. Various players in the Australian chocolate making scene have adopted Siemens Industrial Automation Systems (SIMATIC) for streamlined programming, product traceability and increased efficiency across all sites.

In addition to the SIMATIC framework, Australian chocolate makers are utilising Siemens’  Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal, which allows large teams to work in tandem across large data monitoring projects. Incorporating innovative simulation programs, engineering tools, and transparent plant operation, the TIA Portal forms a digital workflow using software modelling of machinery and systems. Operators can link this digital twin network to a cloud-based platform, alongside accurate motion control and power distribution technologies.

These scalable offerings prioritise total flexibility, and can adapt to new requirements with the evolution and growth of each business. Siemens has been working with several chocolate companies to develop smart pick systems, allowing consumers to place customised orders with the help of advanced robotic equipment linked to a web-based platform. These advancements aim to elevate the relationship between chocolate manufacturers and their customers, building a holistic experience that celebrates the possibilities of science and food.

The Siemens automation portfolio is capable of monitoring and analysing data, remotely undertaking physical production steps, and linking with pre-configured mobile interfaces. This allows site operators to have a comprehensive grasp on all points in the system wherever they are, leaving more time to focus on business growth and the quality of their chocolate products.

Siemens is inviting all professionals, across industries, to enter the Beyond 150 Competition, which includes prizes each month from now until the end of the year. All prizes include immersive experiences that take winners to some of Australia’s most scenic and inspiring locations, as well as behind the scenes insights as to how Siemens technology is applied nationwide.

The first monthly prize draw for the Beyond 150 Competition is open now, and professionals from all industries are invited to apply before the closure date on 30 April 2022. Register here.


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