Beyond 150 Competition: See Siemens technology in action at Coopers Adelaide Brewery


There aren’t many things more quintessentially Australian than a cold bottle of Coopers ale. Born from an old family recipe in the early 1860s, the first iteration of this well-known drink was originally meant as a health tonic for Thomas Cooper’s wife. The concoction was so flavourful, however, that word soon spread through the South Australian colonies, establishing the now longest standing family-owned and operated brewery in the country.

Siemens has worked alongside Coopers every step of their digitalisation journey, ensuring the legendary brewer achieves optimal outcomes in terms of quality and efficiency. As part of the Siemens’ Beyond 150 Competition, winners will have an opportunity to step beyond the everyday and glean behind-the-scenes knowledge on how Siemens technology is integrated on site. This unique opportunity is part of the first monthly Beyond 150 Competition prize – an immersive experience that takes winners to South Australia, including personalised tours of the Coopers Brewery and Haigh’s Chocolate as well as a trip on the iconic Ghan train.

Commissioned from the ground up with Siemens technology, the now expansive Coopers Adelaide Brewery relies on a holistic Opcenter Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution, integrated with the Siemens Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to maintain comprehensive data analysis. This allows full traceability of raw materials, processing stages and the quality control of finished goods.

Across their nine lines of high-quality beer, Coopers carries out close tracking of batch numbers to mitigate risks – this is driven by an ever-increasing need for food safety compliance and manufacturing flexibility to suit an evolving consumer taste profile. The brewery also runs off the Siemens Manufacturing Execution System (MES), which acts as a connection between equipment, controllers and other key points across multiple sites. Each of these software frameworks assists the business in identifying potential flaws so they can be solved, or replicating in instances of high performance.

A large part of how Siemens works alongside the industry is centred on environmental priorities. Food and beverage manufacturing is one of the most energy intensive sectors in Australia, and Siemens has a long standing history of developing electrification technology to suit a broad range of applications. Working alongside Coopers, they have sought to significantly decrease the environmental impact of the business, gearing towards as sustainable future in the Australian beverage market.

A visit to Coopers Adelaide Brewery is just one prize in the first Beyond 150 Competition. Siemens is inviting all professionals, in all industries to enter.

The first monthly prize draw is open now and professionals from all industries are invited to apply before the closure date on 30 April 2022. Register here.


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